2024 elite status plans for TPG senior writer Katie Genter

It might seem premature to discuss elite status plans for 2024, especially when many travelers are still focused on securing status for this year. However, for those who have already earned or have solid plans to earn their desired status tiers this year, now is an excellent time to start considering which statuses to requalify for in 2024 and which ones to let lapse. By thinking ahead, you can provide yourself with direction as you book trips for the coming year.

Of course, everyone’s elite status plans will be different, depending on their travel habits and goals. As a full-time digital nomad, my elite status plans may be quite different from yours. Nonetheless, I hope to provide some insights into how to manage your elite statuses. Here’s a look at the statuses I plan to earn in 2024.

American Airlines AAdvantage: Requalify for Platinum Pro

While American Airlines is not my primary airline for earning Loyalty Points, I still aim to requalify for Platinum Pro status in the AAdvantage program. American Airlines switched to its Loyalty Points scheme for elite status qualification in 2022, which changed how you earn status and the qualification year. Under the new system, you have until the end of February each year to earn American Airlines elite status.

I initially earned American Airlines Executive Platinum status in 2016 and have requalified for it every year since. Over the years, I have enjoyed numerous benefits and value from American Airlines miles and the perks of Executive Platinum status. However, as AAdvantage has diluted or eliminated many of the differentiating benefits of the status, earning Executive Platinum is no longer a priority for me. Instead, I plan to qualify for Platinum Pro in the qualification year ending on February 29, 2024, and strive for Platinum Pro in subsequent years.

The shift to Loyalty Points has required me to change how I earn American Airlines status. It has also prompted my husband, who used to qualify for Executive Platinum status alongside me, to focus on earning Oneworld elite status through British Airways Executive Club. The Loyalty Points scheme now necessitates that I credit Oneworld flights to American AAdvantage and utilize other ways to earn Loyalty Points. This makes it challenging for more than one person in a household to maintain a high tier of AAdvantage status.

Although we could both qualify for AAdvantage Gold or Platinum through flights and splitting non-flight activities between our accounts, we have decided that earning Oneworld status through different programs is more advantageous. This way, my husband’s British Airways status grants us domestic lounge access, while my AAdvantage status ensures complimentary upgrades on North American travel when we fly together.

While British Airways and Iberia now earn points based on fare, similar to American Airlines, I will continue flying premium economy or business fares on other Oneworld partners to maximize my earning potential. However, these fares are becoming increasingly difficult to secure, and as a result, my flight earnings will likely be significantly lower than in previous years. Therefore, I will need to rely more on AAdvantage eShopping, SimplyMiles, dual-earning on Hyatt stays, and spending on American Airlines credit cards to earn Loyalty Points.

Despite potentially better earning opportunities through other shopping portals and credit cards, I consider earning at least AAdvantage Platinum Pro status important for its Oneworld Emerald status and the lounge access it provides. My love for lounges like Japan Airlines’ First Class Lounge in Tokyo Narita, Malaysia Airlines First Class Golden Lounge Satellite in Kuala Lumpur, and Cathay Pacific’s The Pier First Class Lounge in Hong Kong, and my ability to visit these lounges multiple times a year, outweigh the potential benefits of other earning methods. However, I might shift my loyalty to another Oneworld program in the future.

Asiana Club: Requalify for Diamond

Asiana Diamond status provides perks when flying Star Alliance airlines, including United. In December 2017, my husband and I began the 24-month qualification period to earn Asiana Airlines status. By the end of January 2018, we had both earned Asiana Club Diamond status.

Since Asiana Club allows you 24 months to qualify for status and then maintains your status for 24 months after the qualification period ends, we were able to keep our Diamond status until December 2021. While the initial qualification requires 40,000 tier miles, requalification only requires 30,000 tier miles. We made minimal progress toward requalifying for Diamond status during the January 2020 to December 2021 qualification period. However, Asiana quietly extended our status and qualification period by a year, and we easily earned the required tier miles in 2022 by taking a few paid premium economy and business class round-trip itineraries on Star Alliance carriers.

Our current qualification period to retain Diamond status began on January 1, 2023, and will continue through December 31, 2024. So far, I have only earned 2,813 tier miles, but the lucrative earning rates on partner premium cabin fares should make it feasible to earn the 30,000 tier miles needed for requalification by the end of 2024. However, with the impending merger of Korean Air and Asiana Airlines, it remains uncertain how the merger will impact our elite status and requalification plans.

Malaysia Airlines Enrich: No plans to requalify

In early 2019, I earned Oneworld Sapphire status for less than $500 through a Malaysia Airlines promotion. Having Oneworld Sapphire status as a Malaysia Enrich Gold member has allowed me to enjoy Admirals Club access and Flagship Lounge access when flying American Airlines domestically.

However, after two sets of elite status extensions and purchasing Enrich miles to extend my status in late 2022, my Enrich Gold status will expire on March 31, 2024. I currently have no plans to earn status again with Malaysia Airlines unless the program offers another excellent promotion. Instead, my husband will earn at least Oneworld Sapphire status with British Airways Executive Club in February 2024. As a result, we will seamlessly switch from using my Malaysia Enrich status to his British Airways status to enjoy Admirals Club access and Flagship Lounge access when flying American together domestically.

Marriott Bonvoy: Requalify for at least Platinum Elite

In 2021, I achieved Marriott Bonvoy Titanium Elite status for the first time. I successfully requalified for Titanium Elite status in 2022, and I plan to do so again this year. However, my main goal is to qualify for Marriott Platinum Elite status each year. The only tangible perks that Titanium Elite provides over Platinum Elite are increased earnings on paid stays, United Silver status, and a 75-night annual Choice Benefit.

While these perks are valuable, my husband and I aim to earn at least Platinum Elite status with Marriott Bonvoy each year as we work towards higher tiers of lifetime Marriott Bonvoy status. We find significant value in Platinum Elite perks, such as guaranteed 4 p.m. late checkout at most properties, lounge access at most brands with lounges, and the option to choose complimentary breakfast at many Marriott brands.

To ensure that we both achieve the 50 elite nights required for Platinum Elite status each calendar year (which is easy since we each earn 30 elite night credits from our Marriott Bonvoy cards), we allocate the next 25 nights to his account to earn Titanium Elite. He does not have a United credit card that provides extra award availability, and United Silver status offers this benefit. If we have any remaining nights before the end of the year, we allocate them to my account to earn Titanium Elite status.

You might wonder why we don’t concentrate all our stays on one account to earn Marriott Bonvoy Ambassador. However, since we often redeem Marriott Bonvoy points for our stays to take advantage of the fifth night free benefit, we wouldn’t come close to the 100 nights required for Ambassador status.

In conclusion, while it may seem early to discuss elite status plans for 2024, it is important to start considering which statuses to requalify for and which ones to let lapse. By thinking ahead and strategizing, you can ensure that you continue to enjoy the benefits and perks that come with elite status. Whether you travel full-time like me or have a different travel pattern, it is essential to evaluate your options and make informed decisions about your elite status plans for the coming year.

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