2,500 Bonus Miles with S$100 Minimum Spend on Pelago (1-14 February 2024)

Booking links are a convenient way to take advantage of promotions and earn bonus miles. If you’re looking for a booking link, you can use the dedicated link provided here to enjoy bonus miles. Additionally, if you are based in Singapore, you can use the UOB Lady’s Card to earn up to 6 miles per dollar on these transactions, assuming you have selected Travel as one of the bonus categories for bonus UNI$.

In a best-case scenario, you can earn up to 3,400 miles on a S$100 transaction. Here’s how the calculation works:

– Base Earn Rate: S$100 x 3 miles per dollar = 300 miles
– Bonus Miles (1-14 Feb): 2,500 miles
– UOB Lady’s Card: S$100 x 6 miles per dollar = 600 miles
– Total: 3,400 Miles (34 mpd)

Using the UOB Lady’s Card can significantly boost your miles earning potential, especially during the promotional period. This card offers a high earn rate of up to 6 miles per dollar, making it an attractive option for frequent travelers.

To make the most of this promotion, it’s important to plan your transactions strategically. Look for opportunities to make larger purchases or consolidate your travel expenses to maximize your miles earning potential. Keep in mind that terms and conditions may apply, so be sure to read the fine print before making any bookings.

Now that you have a better understanding of how to earn bonus miles through booking links and the UOB Lady’s Card, let’s explore some other ways to maximize your miles earning potential.

1. Sign up for loyalty programs: Joining airline or hotel loyalty programs can provide you with additional opportunities to earn miles or points. Look for partnerships and promotions that allow you to earn bonus miles when you book flights or hotel stays.

2. Use miles-earning credit cards: Consider applying for credit cards that offer generous miles earning rates. Look for cards that provide bonus miles for specific spending categories, such as travel or dining. Be sure to compare the annual fees, interest rates, and other associated costs before choosing a card.

3. Take advantage of shopping portals: Many airlines and hotels have online shopping portals that allow you to earn bonus miles when you make purchases through their platform. This is a great way to earn miles on everyday expenses, such as groceries or clothing.

4. Utilize airline alliances: If you frequently travel with different airlines, consider joining an airline alliance program. This allows you to earn miles across multiple airlines and redeem them for flights or other travel-related expenses.

5. Keep an eye out for promotions: Airlines and hotels often run promotions that offer bonus miles or discounted rates. Sign up for newsletters and follow their social media channels to stay updated on the latest deals.

6. Plan your trips strategically: Try to book flights during off-peak seasons or take advantage of discounted fares. This can help you save money while still earning miles towards your next trip.

In conclusion, booking links and credit cards like the UOB Lady’s Card can be valuable tools for maximizing your miles earning potential. By strategically planning your transactions and taking advantage of promotions, you can earn bonus miles and enjoy the benefits of free or discounted travel. Remember to always read the terms and conditions and compare different options to find the best deals for your travel needs.

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