Air India’s global sale has some sweet deals (book till February 5, 2024)

Air India has recently launched a limited-period network-wide sale called the Namaste World Sale, which offers attractive discounted fares for both domestic and international destinations. This sale is open for bookings only until February 5, 2024, and the travel period is from now until September 30, 2024.

Under the Namaste World Sale, Air India is offering all-inclusive one-way Economy class fares starting from as low as INR 1,799 for domestic sectors, while the one-way Business Class fares start from INR 10,899. For international sectors, the one-way all-inclusive Economy class fares start from INR 3,899, and the Return Economy class fares start from INR 9,600 on select destinations. However, it is important to note that the seats available on sale are limited.

Customers can also save on convenience fees for bookings made through the Air India website and mobile app. Typically, there is a non-refundable convenience fee of INR 300 for domestic trips and INR 700 for international trips, but this fee is waived for bookings made during the sale period.

The discounted fares are applicable not only for domestic cities but also for Air India’s destinations in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, the Gulf & Middle East, Asia Pacific, and South Asia. Some of the fares on offer to international destinations include INR 31,956 for a one-way Economy class ticket from India to the USA, INR 22,283 for a one-way Economy class ticket from India to Europe, and INR 7,714 for a one-way Economy class ticket from India to the Gulf & Middle East.

The Executive and Premium Economy classes also offer special fares under the Namaste World Sale, and discounted fares from international destinations to India are available as well. The sale is open on all channels, including Air India’s website, mobile apps, and authorized travel agents.

Additionally, when customers book directly with Air India and credit their flights to Air India Flying Returns, they can earn bonus points (up to 1,999) for booking the trip directly. The number of bonus FR Points depends on whether the flight is domestic or international and the cabin class booked.

In conclusion, Air India’s Namaste World Sale provides an opportunity for travelers to book flights on their global network at reduced prices. The sale is open for a limited period, allowing customers to book until February 5, 2024, and travel until September 30, 2024. By booking directly with the airline, customers can also earn bonus Flying Returns points.

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