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Airline Status Match Reality: A Tale of Frustration and Limited Opportunities

ASMR for me has nothing to do with the sound of someone crunching a mid-flight Air France crouton. No, it’s all about the airline status match reality I’m currently facing. Prepare your small violins for this one.

In my last post, I mentioned about how Emirates was quite open to the idea of a status match, as long as you had some Emirates flights booked. Truthfully, I find that quite reasonable. At least it would show that you have some desire to actually fly with them.

And overall, they’re one of the few carriers with which I’ve had overall decent flights. Useless baggage claim staff at Dubai DXB, and depending on the aircraft, sometimes there’s a rubbish seat configuration up front, but the in-flight entertainment is vast, and the planes generally land. Fine.

Hopping west across the pond, let’s briefly mention a very different airline. Last year, my airline status match reality reached its apex with Spirit. That’s right, the United States’ aviation analog to a punching bag. (Shouldn’t it be JetBlue?) They cooked up a status match challenge. In other words, earn a certain amount of status qualifying points, then that 3-months of gifted status will turn into much a longer period. By the way, if you are inclined to research what Spirit is up to for 2024, here’s the waitlist.

Returning to the 2024 airline status match reality, I’ve got a new L to post — SAS, aka Scandinavian Air System. But I had a hunch this one was doomed from the get-go.

Why? Later this year, they will be leaving the Star Alliance, the one it helped establish, to join SkyTeam. So long, United. さようなら, ANA. Bye, Felicia.

Nevertheless, I sent an e-mail to SAS to inquire about a status match.
The prompt response read thus:

[Image: SAS Status Match Response]

Delta also told me to get bent, but with good reason. Apparently, I had already tried out their status match challenge within the past three years. In other words, rendered ineligible.

At this point, I just started searching for airline + status match. Maybe Independence Air has one going on. Of course not. But finally, I hit upon something with Etihad.

Hmm, can’t say I’m their biggest fan, but they’ve got a good network, and a new airport terminal in Abu Dhabi AUH. Cooking with gas, right?

Wrong. According to their Etihad Guest status match FAQ, this (paid) opportunity is only available for residents of Australia and India.

Ah, well, Guess I have to be glad to ITA Airways is still paying it forward.

Airline status matches have become a popular way for frequent flyers to leverage their elite status with one airline to gain similar benefits with another airline. It allows travelers to enjoy perks such as priority boarding, lounge access, and upgraded seating without having to accumulate the necessary miles or spend with the new airline.

However, the reality of airline status matches is often far from straightforward. Airlines have specific criteria and limitations that can make it difficult for travelers to successfully match their elite status. In the case of Emirates, they require you to have some Emirates flights booked to be considered for a status match. This makes sense, as it shows a genuine interest in flying with the airline.

Spirit Airlines, on the other hand, offers a status match challenge where you need to earn a certain amount of status qualifying points to extend your gifted status for a longer period. While Spirit may not have the best reputation in the aviation industry, their status match challenge presents an opportunity for frequent travelers to enjoy some benefits with the airline.

Scandinavian Air System (SAS) is another airline that offers a status match program. However, their decision to leave the Star Alliance and join SkyTeam creates uncertainty for those seeking a status match. It raises questions about the longevity and value of the matched status, as the benefits may change with the transition.

Etihad Airways, despite having a good network and a new airport terminal in Abu Dhabi, restricts their status match opportunity to residents of Australia and India. This limitation excludes many potential travelers who may have been interested in taking advantage of the status match program.

The challenges and limitations of airline status matches can be frustrating for travelers who are looking to maximize their benefits and enhance their travel experiences. It requires diligent research and persistence to find airlines that offer favorable status match opportunities and meet the necessary criteria.

In conclusion, the airline status match reality is one of limited opportunities and frustrating experiences. While some airlines are more open to offering status matches, others have strict requirements or limitations that make it difficult for travelers to take advantage of these programs. It is important for frequent flyers to stay informed and explore all available options to make the most of their elite status and enjoy the benefits it brings.

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