American Airlines unveils 10 changes to the AAdvantage program

American Airlines has announced another update to its AAdvantage loyalty program, offering new perks for both elite and casual frequent flyers. The airline has confirmed that the elite thresholds for earning status will remain the same for the upcoming program year, which runs from March 1, 2024, through Feb. 28, 2025. This means that members will have 12 months to earn or requalify for status.

In addition to earning elite status, American offers perks at different Loyalty Point milestones. The airline is adding a new perk to its Loyalty Point Rewards in the upcoming membership year. Members will now be able to redeem a Loyalty Point Reward for additional Loyalty Points towards AAdvantage status. This addition was made in response to member feedback, with many elites already entitled to the benefits at the 15,000 Loyalty Point Reward threshold.

The Loyalty Point Reward thresholds will include the following perks: Group 5 boarding, priority check-in, security and Group 4 boarding, preferred seat coupons, Avis Preferred Plus status, a Loyalty Point bonus on spending with partners, systemwide upgrades, Admirals Club daypasses, trip credits, carbon offsets, donations to partner charities, gift of Gold status, discounts on Mastercard Priceless experiences, and more.

American will also introduce three new ways to earn and redeem miles in 2024. Travelers will now be able to earn redeemable miles and additional Loyalty Points when they pay with cash to upgrade to a premium cabin. Platinum Pro, Executive Platinum, and Concierge Key members will be able to redeem miles for a visit to the Flagship First dining facility, and members will also be able to upgrade flights on select partners using AAdvantage miles.

The loyalty program will also see six more changes later in the year, including giving members six more months to use trip credits when voluntarily canceling flights and allowing AAdvantage members to voluntarily cancel basic economy tickets for a partial travel trip credit for a fee. American is also offering four new member-only perks, including free 24-hour ticket holds, the ability to purchase passes to the Admirals Club and Flagship Lounge, and free same-day standby.

Overall, these updates to the AAdvantage loyalty program aim to improve the perks and benefits for members. American Airlines is focused on growing its member base and providing exclusive benefits to AAdvantage members. The program received a major overhaul during the pandemic with the introduction of Loyalty Points, and these new updates continue to enhance the travel experience for loyal American Airlines customers.

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