Avelo will open new crew base in Santa Rosa, close Las Vegas base

Avelo Airlines, a budget carrier launched during the pandemic, is making a significant shift in its operations by relocating its crew base from Las Vegas to Sonoma County, California. Starting from May 1, Avelo will establish a new crew base at Charles M. Schultz-Sonoma County Airport (STS) in Santa Rosa, California. This move comes as part of the airline’s strategy to enhance its flexibility with respect to aircraft, crew, and maintenance.

Avelo Airlines, a Houston-based ultra-low-cost carrier, will base two of its Boeing 737 aircraft in Santa Rosa and hire up to 50 crew members in the region, including pilots, flight attendants, and aviation maintenance technicians. By opening a crew base in Santa Rosa, Avelo aims to take advantage of the proximity to its existing base at Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR), which is north of Los Angeles. This strategic location will enable the airline to streamline its operations and improve efficiency.

The decision to shift the crew base from Las Vegas to Sonoma County was driven by several factors. Company officials believe that Santa Rosa is a better fit for a crew base due to its proximity to another Avelo base and the benefits it offers in terms of flexibility and convenience. The move will also allow Avelo to better allocate its resources and optimize its operations.

Closing the crew base in Las Vegas does not mean a reduction in service to the city. Avelo will continue to serve Las Vegas on its routes, but the crew base at Harry Reid International Airport (LAS) will cease operations from April 30. The focus will now be on establishing a strong crew base in Santa Rosa, which is expected to support the airline’s growth and expansion plans.

Avelo Airlines has a special connection to the Bay Area, as Santa Rosa was the inaugural destination for its first flight in 2021. The airline’s founder, chairman, and CEO, Andrew Levy, expressed his excitement about the new crew base, highlighting the special place Santa Rosa holds in the airline’s history. Levy described STS as a “hometown airport” that is friendly, fast, and easy, making it an ideal location for Avelo’s operations.

Currently, Avelo serves four nonstop destinations from the Sonoma County airport: Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR), Las Vegas (LAS), Palm Springs International Airport (PSP) in California, and Redmond Airport (RDM) in Oregon. While the airline has not announced any new routes from Santa Rosa as part of the crew base shift, it is highly likely that more destinations will be added in the future, considering the emphasis Avelo places on this airport.

Apart from Santa Rosa, Avelo has crew bases at Burbank, Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) in North Carolina, Tweed New Haven Airport (HVN) in Connecticut, Orlando International Airport (MCO), and Wilmington Airport (ILG) in Delaware. The addition of Santa Rosa as a crew base further strengthens Avelo’s presence in key locations across the United States.

Charles M. Schultz-Sonoma County Airport (STS) in Santa Rosa serves as a gateway for travelers looking to explore California’s renowned wine country. Located in the heart of Sonoma County, the airport offers convenient access to the region’s wineries and tourist attractions. In addition to Avelo Airlines, the airport is also served by American Airlines and Alaska Airlines, with Alaska Airlines expanding its schedule in response to Avelo’s operations in Santa Rosa.

In conclusion, Avelo Airlines’ decision to shift its crew base from Las Vegas to Sonoma County reflects the airline’s commitment to optimizing its operations and improving efficiency. By establishing a crew base in Santa Rosa, Avelo aims to enhance its flexibility and better serve its customers. This strategic move is expected to support the airline’s growth plans and pave the way for potential expansion in the future. With its focus on budget travel, Avelo Airlines continues to make its mark as a key player in the aviation industry.

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