Bilt Rent Day: Get bonus points and enter to win free rent

Good news for Bilt Rewards members! January 1st is another Bilt Rent Day, which means you have the opportunity to earn rewards and enjoy special promotions. Just like previous Rent Days, you can play trivia to earn Bilt points, earn double points on non-rent purchases, and enter to win free rent by playing the Rent Free game. Additionally, you can enjoy some of the “most loved” promotions from previous Rent Days, including a $5 Lyft credit for Bilt cardholders, a 50% redemption bonus on Amazon, and status-based transfer bonuses to three Bilt Rewards transfer partners.

The Bilt Rewards program is free to join, and you don’t need to have the Bilt Mastercard to participate in most Rent Day offers. Here’s what you need to know about the Jan. 1 Rent Day.

Lyft credit for Bilt cardholders:
During the July 2023 Rent Day, Bilt offered members with a Bilt Mastercard a $20 Lyft ride credit. Now, Bilt is bringing back a modified version of this popular promotion. For the Jan. 1 Rent Day, Bilt members with a Bilt Mastercard can activate a $5 ride credit with Lyft in the Bilt app. Make sure your Lyft and Bilt accounts are linked and select “Activate credits” on the Rent Day tab of your Bilt app. The credit should appear under “Lyft Pass” in the payment section of your Lyft app within 72 hours.

50% redemption bonus on Amazon:
During the March 2023 Rent Day, Bilt cardholders could get a 50% bonus when redeeming points for Amazon purchases. This promotion is also back for the Jan. 1 Rent Day. Bilt cardholders will receive a 50% bonus when redeeming points for Amazon purchases. Link your Bilt Mastercard to your Amazon account, add items to your card as normal, and choose to redeem points when checking out on Amazon. The required points at checkout will automatically include the 50% redemption bonus. However, be sure to compare the value you’d get with this redemption against your other options before redeeming.

Status-based transfer bonuses:
Bilt Rewards has previously offered transfer bonuses to several of its transfer partners on Rent Days. For the Jan. 1 Rent Day, transfer bonuses to all three partners are returning, based on your status. When you transfer Bilt points to IHG One Rewards, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club, or Air France-KLM Flying Blue, you’ll get a transfer bonus of 75% to 150%. The bonus percentage depends on your status, with Blue members receiving a 75% bonus and Platinum members receiving a 150% bonus. The bonus will be based on your Jan. 1 status. Blue members must transfer at least 2,000 Bilt points, while other members can transfer as few as 1,000 Bilt points.

Bilt Rent Day trivia:
If you’re good at trivia, you can boost your Bilt Rewards balance for free on Rent Day. Bilt gives its members five trivia questions through its app each Rent Day, increasing in difficulty and value. The first question is worth 10 points, and the fifth question is worth 50 points. If you correctly answer all five questions, Bilt will unlock a sixth question worth an extra 100 points. You could earn 250 Bilt points through trivia each Rent Day.

Extra Bilt points on non-rent purchases:
As on previous Bilt Rent Days, you’ll earn double points when using your Bilt Mastercard to make non-rent purchases between midnight EST and 11:59 p.m. PST on Jan. 1. The points earned for purchases on Rent Day are as follows: 6 points per dollar spent on dining, 4 points per dollar spent on travel, 2 points per dollar spent on other purchases (excluding rent), and 1 point per dollar spent on rent. You can earn up to 10,000 bonus points on purchases with your Bilt Mastercard each Rent Day, but you must use your Bilt Mastercard at least five times each statement period to earn points.

Rent Free game:
For the Aug. 1 Rent Day, Bilt launched the Rent Free game show, where members had the chance to win free rent for a month. The success of the celebrity guest on the game show determined how many Bilt members would win free rent that month. The guest for January Rent Day is singer and actor Lance Bass. To enter for a chance to win a month of free rent paid by Bilt, play the Rent Free game in the Bilt app starting on Dec. 27 at 9 a.m. EST. If you correctly guess three of the most popular answers by the end of Rent Day, you’ll automatically be entered for a chance to win.

In summary, the Bilt Rent Day on Jan. 1 offers various promotions and opportunities for Bilt Rewards members to earn points, redeem rewards, and potentially win free rent. Whether it’s through trivia, using the Bilt Mastercard for purchases, or taking advantage of the special promotions, Bilt Rewards members can make the most of this Rent Day to maximize their rewards.

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