Bilt Rewards Rent Day: 10x Bilt Dining + double points, free rent, and more

Title: Bilt Rewards Rent Day: A Comprehensive Guide to Maximizing Benefits

Introduction (100 words)
Bilt Rewards, a loyalty program designed to reward renters, has gained popularity since its launch in 2022. As a senior advisor and investor in the company, I have witnessed the program’s innovative approach to rewarding members with transfer bonuses, rent giveaways, and now Bilt Experiences. In this article, we will delve into Bilt Rewards’ latest offering, Rent Day, and explore how members can make the most of this exciting promotion.

Rent Day Promotions (400 words)
Bilt Rewards’ Rent Day promotion for December introduces several enticing offers for members. The first promotion, 10x Bilt Dining, allows members to earn 10 times the regular amount of Bilt Points when dining at participating restaurants. By linking any credit card to the Bilt App, members can earn both credit card points and Bilt Points. Bilt Mastercard holders are in for an even greater reward, earning 16 times the points on Rent Day.

Another exciting promotion is the double points on shopping, which begins on Thanksgiving day and ends on Cyber Monday. Members can earn 1x base points and 1x bonus points on eligible purchases, with a cap of $20,000 in spending.

Bilt Experiences (300 words)
Bilt Rewards has partnered with Mastercard to offer an exclusive tasting experience in New York City on December 1st. The event, called “The Ultimate Tasting Experience: Italy,” is open to Bilt Mastercard holders. Participants will have the opportunity to indulge in a unique Italian tasting at the Lavan Chelsea Space. The event costs $150 per person and can be booked through the Bilt Rewards app.

Rent Free Game Show (200 words)
Bilt Rewards has introduced a fun game show called “Rent Free,” hosted by Michael Rapaport. Participants have a chance to win their August rent by correctly guessing the most popular answers to hypothetical questions posed to 1,000 Bilt members. By submitting three correct answers, participants are automatically entered for a chance to have their rent paid.

Participating in Bilt Rent Day (300 words)
To participate in Bilt Rent Day, individuals must be Bilt Rewards members. While a Bilt Rewards credit card is not required, joining the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club and linking it to the Bilt App under the “Travel” tab is necessary. On August 1st, members can transfer their Bilt Points into Virgin Points to unlock transfer bonuses. These Virgin Points can then be used to book flights or experiences.

Past Bilt Rent Day Promotions (200 words)
Bilt Rewards has consistently offered exciting promotions in the past. Previous promotions included United status trials and challenges, 100% transfer bonuses to IHG and Hawaiian, points worth 50% more with Amazon, Hyatt status challenges, and 100k Bilt Rewards prizes. The program has also partnered with Lyft, offering credits, and provided transfer bonuses to Flying Blue and Emirates Skywards.

Using the Bilt MastercardĀ® (200 words)
The Bilt Mastercard allows members to pay rent without transaction fees and earn points. Rent can be paid through the Bilt App within the Bilt Alliance network, which includes over 2 million properties across the country. For landlords who do not accept credit cards, Bilt will mail them a check on behalf of the member. Additionally, members can use the Bilt Rewards Mastercard to pay rent via ACH, Venmo, or PayPal.

Conclusion (100 words)
Bilt Rewards Rent Day offers members numerous opportunities to maximize their rewards. With promotions such as 10x Bilt Dining, double points on shopping, and exclusive Bilt Experiences, members can earn substantial points and enjoy unique experiences. The Rent Free game show and the use of the Bilt Mastercard further enhance the benefits of the program. Bilt Rewards continues to impress with its inventive approach to rewarding renters, making it a valuable program for those looking to make the most of their financial transactions.

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