Celebrity cruise drink packages: Cost, inclusions and what to know before you buy

Celebrity Cruises drink packages offer a convenient and cost-effective way to enjoy a wide variety of beverages during your cruise. These packages allow you to indulge in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks without having to worry about the cost adding up. By adding a beverage package to your cruise, you can make your vacation feel more all-inclusive and eliminate the need to constantly keep track of every drink you order.

Celebrity Cruises offers three beverage packages: Zero Proof, Classic, and Premium. The Zero Proof package is designed for those who prefer non-alcoholic drinks and includes specialty coffees and teas, soft drinks, mocktails, and premium waters. It is perfect for individuals who don’t drink alcohol but still want to enjoy a variety of refreshing beverages during their cruise.

The Classic package includes most non-alcoholic drinks available in the Zero Proof package, as well as beer, wine by the glass, spirits, cocktails, and liqueurs priced at $10 or less. It also offers a 15% discount on all bottles of wine. This package is suitable for individuals who plan to consume several drinks each day and covers most of their beer, wine, and spirits needs.

The Premium package is the most comprehensive and includes almost any drink you would want on board, with a price limit of $17 per drink. It also offers a 20% discount on bottled wine. This package is ideal for those who want a wide selection of premium beverages and don’t want to worry about any additional charges when ordering drinks.

It’s important to note that the drink packages do not include beverages ordered from room service, bought in onboard gift shops, or consumed from the minibar in your cabin. Additionally, all passengers of legal drinking age in a cabin must buy the same package, so if your roommate prefers premium spirits, you must also purchase the premium package.

The cost of the drink packages varies depending on the type of package and the demand. The prices range from $30 to $129 per person, per day, with gratuity included. The gratuity is 20% and is added when you purchase the package, eliminating the need for additional tipping on individual drink orders.

When booking your cruise, you may also have the option to upgrade to an “All Included” package, which includes the Classic drink package and basic Wi-Fi for each guest in the room. It’s worth comparing the cost of the upgrade to the non-upgrade price to determine if it’s a good value for you.

In conclusion, Celebrity Cruises drink packages provide the freedom to enjoy a wide range of beverages during your cruise without worrying about the cost. Whether you prefer non-alcoholic drinks or want to indulge in premium spirits, there is a package that suits your preferences. By purchasing a drink package, you can make your cruise experience more convenient and enjoyable, knowing that your favorite beverages are included in the package price.

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