Chasing American Airlines elite status? Here are 15 ways to earn Loyalty Points

In early March 2022, American Airlines made a significant change to its loyalty program by switching from elite qualifying miles, dollars, and segments to Loyalty Points as the qualifying metric to earn elite status. This change means that the number of Loyalty Points you earn is largely tied to your spending instead of how much you fly. While it is now theoretically possible to spend your way to top-tier Executive Platinum status without stepping foot on a plane, it is not necessarily recommended.

In addition to flying, there are several other ways to earn Loyalty Points and work towards American Airlines elite status. One of the most obvious ways is by flying on American Airlines itself. Under the Loyalty Points program, you earn 1 Loyalty Point for each eligible AAdvantage mile flown on American Airlines. The number of redeemable miles awarded is based on your status tier, with multipliers ranging from 5 times to 11 times your base ticket price. For example, as a general member, you would earn 5 miles per dollar spent, while an Executive Platinum member would earn 11 miles per dollar spent.

Flying on American’s partner airlines also allows you to earn Loyalty Points, although the process can be a bit more complicated. For most of American’s Oneworld partners, redeemable miles (and therefore Loyalty Points) are earned based on factors such as distance flown, fare class, and the airline. However, for flights on British Airways and Iberia, miles and Loyalty Points are now earned based on the price of the ticket rather than distance flown and fare class. It’s important to note that American’s partnership with JetBlue is coming to an end in early 2024, so flyers on JetBlue-operated flights will only receive American Airlines benefits under certain conditions.

American Airlines also introduced a new perk in 2024 that allows Loyalty Point collectors to redeem a Loyalty Point Reward to earn more Loyalty Points towards elite status. This change will be implemented in the upcoming membership year, and members will have the option to select Loyalty Point bonuses at certain Loyalty Point thresholds.

Another way to earn Loyalty Points is by paying for upgrades with cash. American announced in 2024 that flyers can now earn redeemable miles and more Loyalty Points when paying with cash to upgrade to a premium cabin. However, as of January, the airline had not yet set a date for this change.

Credit card spending is also a straightforward way to earn Loyalty Points. For every base mile earned on a cobranded American Airlines credit card, you will earn 1 Loyalty Point. While the earning rates may vary depending on the specific card, most AAdvantage cards earn 1 base mile per dollar spent on eligible purchases. Unfortunately, sign-up bonuses, limited-time spending offers, and bonus category multipliers are excluded from earning Loyalty Points, so you will earn 1 Loyalty Point per dollar spent.

Some cobranded American Airlines credit cards offer bonus Loyalty Points after reaching certain spending thresholds. For example, AAdvantage Aviator Silver Mastercard cardholders can earn up to 15,000 additional Loyalty Points for meeting specific spending thresholds within the status qualification period. Citi/AAdvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard holders can earn a bonus of 10,000 Loyalty Points after reaching certain Loyalty Point milestones.

Finally, you can also earn Loyalty Points by dining out or ordering in through the AAdvantage Dining program. By signing up for an account and linking your credit cards, you can earn AAdvantage miles for every dollar spent at participating restaurants. The number of miles earned varies depending on your membership level, with VIP members earning 5 AAdvantage miles per dollar spent.

In conclusion, American Airlines’ switch to Loyalty Points as the qualifying metric for elite status has opened up new opportunities to earn points through spending and engaging with partners. While it is now possible to earn elite status without flying, it is important to consider the value and benefits that come with actually flying. By strategically maximizing your Loyalty Point earning opportunities, you can work towards earning American Airlines elite status and enjoy the perks and benefits that come with it.

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