Disneyland’s Paradise Pier Hotel set to open as Pixar Place Hotel in January

Unlike its counterpart Disney World, Disneyland only offers three on-property hotels for guests to choose from. These hotels include the original Disneyland Hotel, Disney’s Grand Californian, and Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel. Out of the three, Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel has historically been the most budget-friendly option and has recently undergone a major Pixar-themed makeover. It is set to reopen as Pixar Place Hotel on January 30, 2024, becoming the first Pixar-themed Disney resort in the U.S.

Originally built in the 1980s and purchased by Disneyland in the 1990s, Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel has always been considered the least exciting option among the three hotels. It lacked the luxury of the Grand Californian and the historical charm of the Disneyland Hotel. However, Disney is now giving the hotel a much-needed transformation inspired by popular Pixar films.

The lobby of the hotel will be transformed into a bright space with references to various Pixar characters and stories. Never-before-seen artwork will be displayed, and the iconic Pixar Lamp will be featured atop its ball. Additionally, the lobby will house a gift shop called STOR-E, offering Pixar-themed clothing, accessories, toys, and more, inspired by the movie “WALL-E.”

The guest rooms have also been redesigned to reflect the playful and colorful nature of Pixar films. The bedding will feature tone-on-tone images of the Pixar Ball, and the pillows will be inspired by the Pixar Ball as well. The headboards will be adorned with concept art from different Pixar movies, making it an exciting space for kids and fans of the films.

Families staying at the hotel will be delighted to know that a new “Finding Nemo”-inspired water play area has been added. The area includes a splash pad and a 186-foot waterslide themed after Crush. Guests can enjoy the pool deck, which offers views of the nighttime fireworks at Disneyland. Additionally, comfortable couches near the pool area are available for relaxation, featuring fire pits inspired by Jack-Jack from “The Incredibles” and Anger from “Inside Out.”

In terms of dining options, the Pixar Place Hotel will introduce a new restaurant called Great Maple in November. The restaurant will serve upscale comfort food, such as buttermilk fried chicken and maple bacon doughnuts, Cajun shrimp and cheddar biscuit Benedict, and soda pop-braised baby back ribs. It remains to be seen if Great Maple will become a favorite among Disneyland visitors.

For guests considering a stay at Disneyland, it’s worth noting that the hotel recently introduced a new walkway that provides a special side entrance to Disney California Adventure. This convenient access allows guests to easily explore the park.

As for pricing, rates at the Pixar Place Hotel currently start at around $450 per night. However, guests should be aware that ongoing construction may be present as the property nears its completion on January 30, 2024.

Disneyland’s expansion doesn’t stop with the Pixar Place Hotel. The Disneyland Hotel has also recently debuted its new villas, providing guests with even more options for their stay.

In conclusion, while Disneyland may have fewer on-property hotel choices compared to Disney World, the recent makeover of Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel into the Pixar Place Hotel brings a new and exciting option for guests. With its vibrant lobby, Pixar-themed guest rooms, and fun amenities, the hotel aims to create a magical experience for Pixar fans of all ages.

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