Do you have a Delta Amex card? Here are 9 things you need to do

If you have a Delta American Express card in your wallet, you’ve probably read about the major changes to your card announced in early February. These changes include increased annual fees, as well as changes to your card benefits. It can be easy to miss the new or enhanced perks, so here are the top nine things to do as a Delta Amex cardmember to ensure you continue to get value from your card. And if you’re thinking of canceling or downgrading your card, we’ve also got some advice for you.

1. Check your email for targeted offers: In addition to emails from Delta and American Express highlighting the changes to your card, some cardmembers are receiving additional one-off status boosts and flight credits. Make sure to keep an eye on your inbox and spam or junk folders to ensure you aren’t missing out on any updates and that you stay on top of changes to your card benefits.

2. Find out your next annual fee date: Existing cardmembers of the affected cards will see an increase in their annual fee. If your card is set to renew before May 1, 2024, you’ll be charged the same annual fee. However, if your card renewal occurs on or after May 1, you’ll be subject to the new annual fee. To find out when your next annual fee will be charged, go into your online account and search for “renewal” or “membership fee” on your 2023 credit card statements.

3. Decide whether you want to keep your card: No one wants to see an increase in their card’s annual fee, even if the issuer adds new benefits or enhances current perks. If you don’t find value in the statement credits or improved benefits, consider asking for a retention offer when your next annual fee posts. If you aren’t given a retention offer and wish to close the card, consider downgrading your card to a card with no annual fee or a lower one.

4. Enroll for ride-hailing and Resy statement credits: The personal and business versions of the Delta Platinum and Delta Reserve now offer new statement credits. Delta Platinum cardmembers get up to $120 Resy credits (up to $10 monthly) and up to $120 ride-hailing credits (up to $10 monthly), while Delta Reserve cardmembers have the same ride-hailing credit and increased Resy credits of up to $240 (up to $20 monthly). Like most Amex credits, you must enroll in the benefit before earning the statement credit. To do so, go to your online account or app, select your Delta card, and navigate to “Benefits.”

5. Formulate a lounge access strategy for 2025: Delta Reserve cardmembers continue to receive unlimited access to Delta Sky Clubs when flying Delta this year. However, from February 2025, access will be restricted to 15 day visits per year, with additional visits costing $50 each, unless you spend at least $75,000 on your card this year. If you want unlimited access from next February, you’ll need to meet that minimum spend requirement on your card this year.

6. Evaluate your elite status goals for 2024-25: Now that the Delta SkyMiles program only has one metric for earning elite status — MQDs — it’s a good time to assess how this affects your elite status earning goals. Log into your SkyMiles account to keep track of your progress. Look out for the 2,500 MQD headstart for Delta Platinum and Delta Reserve cardmembers. Some members may also be targeted for one-off boosts, in which case it’s a good idea to calculate how many MQDs you need to earn by flying or spending. Platinum cardmembers earn 1 MQD per $20 spent; Reserve cardmembers earn 1 MQD per $10 spent.

7. Use your Delta Stays credit: All six cards get a new statement credit for Delta Stays, a new online booking platform for hotels and vacation rentals powered by Expedia. The credits range from $100 to $250, depending on which card you have. Make sure to take advantage of this credit by making a booking through Delta Stays and receiving the statement credit.

8. Use your companion certificate: Personal and business Platinum and Reserve cardmembers can now take advantage of an enhanced companion certificate. This can help offset the annual fee increases on these cards. Note that the changes to eligible destinations and cabins only affect companion certificates issued from Feb. 1, 2024. If you have an existing companion certificate in your account, it’s still bound by the old terms and conditions.

9. Enroll in Hertz elite status: Delta Platinum and Platinum Business cardmembers now get Hertz Five Star status, offering one-class upgrades (subject to availability) and 25% bonus points on all rentals. Delta Reserve and Reserve Business cardmembers receive Hertz’s highest status, Hertz President’s Circle, offering a guaranteed one-class car upgrade and 50% more points on all rentals. Make sure to enroll for this perk by going to your online account’s “Benefits” section.

In conclusion, while the increased annual fees may be disappointing for Delta Amex cardmembers, there are still ways to maximize the value of your card. Take advantage of the new or enhanced perks, evaluate your elite status goals, and make sure to enroll in any statement credits or benefits offered. By staying informed and proactive, you can continue to get value from your Delta Amex card.

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