Earn up to 15 points per dollar spent at Rakuten: Increased holiday cash-back shopping bonuses have begun

It’s beginning to look a lot like holiday shopping deal time. With the holiday season just around the corner, many people are starting to think about their shopping lists and the best deals available. One of the most popular online shopping sites that awards cash back for shopping online is Rakuten, and it has already started increasing cash-back payouts on some popular retailers ahead of the holiday season.

But did you know that with Rakuten, you can also earn American Express Membership Rewards points instead of cash back? This can be a great option if you are a frequent traveler and want to maximize the value of your rewards points. Instead of getting 15% cash back, for example, you could opt to earn 15 Membership Rewards points per dollar, which can have a significantly higher value overall if you maximize the points with travel partners.

So, how does it work? To earn cash-back rewards or Membership Rewards when shopping online, begin your shopping trip on the Rakuten website. Once there, search for your desired store and click to be redirected to the retailer’s website. After you make a qualifying purchase, Rakuten will track your transaction and add bonus rewards to your account, generally within a day or two.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the stores that currently have increased cash back rates on Rakuten:

1. Marriott: 4 points per dollar or 4% cash back
2. Neiman Marcus: 8 points per dollar or 8% cash back
3. Walmart: 10 points per dollar or 10% cash back
4. ShopDisney: 10 points per dollar or 10% cash back
5. Macy’s: 10 points per dollar or 10% cash back
6. Dell: 10 points per dollar or 10% cash back
7. Nike: 11 points per dollar or 11% cash back
8. Adidas: 12 points per dollar or 12% cash back
9. Bergdorf: 15 points per dollar or 15% cash back

These are just a few examples of the increased cash-back opportunities with Rakuten. The cash back will be earned in addition to any earnings on the credit card you swipe. At most merchants participating in these promotions, you’ll want to pay with a credit card that earns bonus points and miles on everyday purchases to maximize your rewards.

It’s important to note that these increased cash-back deals are time-sensitive and may change frequently. So, it’s always a good idea to check the Rakuten website regularly for the latest offers and promotions. Additionally, if you are a new Rakuten shopper, you can earn a $40 cash bonus when you spend at least $40 on a qualifying purchase within the first 90 days.

Many eligible merchants for these promotions also participate in credit card merchant offers. So, it’s smart to check whether a merchant has an offer through Amex Offers, Chase Offers, Citi Merchant Offers, and American Airlines AAdvantage’s SimplyMiles program before making your purchase. This way, you can stack multiple rewards and get the most out of your holiday shopping.

In conclusion, the holiday shopping season is a great time to take advantage of increased cash-back opportunities with Rakuten. Whether you choose to earn cash back or Membership Rewards points, be sure to compare all the different cash-back sites before you buy to ensure you choose the right option with the best rewards for your planned purchase. Happy shopping!

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