European air travel rocked by strikes

Travelers flying to or from Europe on Thursday are experiencing mass cancellations and delays due to ongoing strikes in Germany and Finland. This disruption highlights the impact that a disgruntled workforce can have on the European travel sector.

In Germany, around 25,000 aviation security staff members staged walkouts across airports including Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Berlin. Lufthansa, the national carrier, advised passengers not to travel to German airports during the strikes and offered rebooking options. At the time of writing, Frankfurt Airport has seen around 25% of its scheduled departures canceled, with Stuttgart and Hamburg being the worst affected.

In Finland, strikes across various sectors are also causing significant disruption. Finnair expects to cancel approximately 550 flights over the next 48 hours as workers join a political strike. Almost all airports in Finland are experiencing disruption, with six of them being closed for the duration of the strikes.

The strikes in Germany are primarily a result of workers demanding a wage increase and improved bonuses and overtime pay. In Finland, the strikes are against the government’s planned labor market reforms and cuts to social welfare.

If your flight has been affected by the strikes, your airline will likely have informed you and given you the option to rebook your flight or request a refund. Airlines should also offer alternative flights or compensation in line with EU261 requirements. However, due to the scale of the strikes, alternative flights may not be available within the next 24 hours.

It is important to stay updated on ongoing strikes in Europe, as they can have a significant impact on travel plans. This is unlikely to be the last we hear about strikes in Germany and Finland, so it is important to be prepared for potential disruptions in the future.

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