Exclusive: Fontainebleau Las Vegas announces loyalty program

Las Vegas is about to welcome a new addition to its already impressive skyline with the opening of the highly anticipated Fontainebleau Las Vegas on December 13th. This 67-floor resort, located on the north end of the Strip, promises a luxurious experience like no other. And with the opening of the resort comes an all-new loyalty program called Fontainebleau Rewards, designed to give members exclusive benefits and access to limitless luxury during their stay.

Fontainebleau Rewards is a tiered program that allows members to earn points and credits through gameplay in the casino as well as on money spent throughout the rest of the property. These points and credits can then be redeemed for various perks and experiences within the resort.

There are three types of points and credits that members can earn: tier credits, Bleau points, and Play points. Tier credits are earned through spending on slots, video poker, table play, hotel, and resort spending. Bleau points are earned on slots, video poker, hotel, and resort spending. And Play points are earned on slots and video poker.

Members can redeem their points and credits in different ways. Bleau points can be redeemed for resort credit, which can be used for hotel stays, dining, spa treatments, and more. Play points can be redeemed for slot play credit. Tier credits, on the other hand, are used to advance to a higher tier status, unlocking additional rewards and benefits.

Fontainebleau Rewards has four different levels: Bleau, Silver, Gold, and Royal. Once members sign up, they are instantly granted Bleau status, which comes with perks like members-only room rates, personalized offers, and access to exclusive entertainment presales. As members earn more tier credits, they can move up to Silver, Gold, and Royal status, unlocking even more benefits along the way.

Silver status is achieved with 7,500 tier credits and comes with perks like a 10% bonus on Play points, a one-time $100 dining gift, and complimentary upgrades and late checkouts. Gold status is reached with 40,000 tier credits and includes perks like a 20% bonus on Play points, dining and spa gifts, priority check-in and check-out, and waived resort fees. Royal status, the highest level, is achieved with 90,000 tier credits and comes with perks like a 30% bonus on Play points, dining and spa gifts, VIP check-in, complimentary airport transportation, and more.

To enroll in Fontainebleau Rewards, interested individuals can pre-enroll on the program’s website before the resort’s opening on December 13th. Those who pre-enroll are given a limited-time offer to save up to 30% on bookings at Fontainebleau Las Vegas if booked before December 14th.

In conclusion, Fontainebleau Las Vegas is set to make a grand entrance into the Las Vegas scene with its highly anticipated opening on December 13th. Alongside the resort, Fontainebleau Rewards offers a unique loyalty program that allows members to earn points and credits for a truly luxurious experience. Whether you’re a gambler or prefer to indulge in dining and shopping, this loyalty program has something for everyone. So, if you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas, be sure to check out Fontainebleau Las Vegas and its exciting new loyalty program.

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