Exercise And Health Gear For Travel: Black Friday Specials

My wife recently put together a list of exercise gear that she travels with during the summer Prime Day. I asked her to review the list and make any necessary additions or deletions for the upcoming Black Friday specials. As someone who is not as inclined to exercise as my wife, I was curious to see what items she would recommend to stay healthy while on the road.

Before we dive into the list, I want to clarify that this article contains affiliate links. If you click on any of the Amazon links and make a purchase, we may earn a commission. This helps support my wife’s goal of acquiring more travel exercise gadgets, so we appreciate your support!

1. Theragun Mini Massager 2.0 (25% Black Friday Discount)
My wife describes this mini massager as perfect for on-the-go muscle relief. It offers the same quality as its larger counterpart but is smaller and easier to fit into your carry-on. Whether you’re dealing with sore muscles from a workout or just need some relaxation, this mini massager is a great addition to your travel gear.

2. Adjustable Wrist/Ankle Weights (17% Black Friday Discount)
These adjustable weights are a sneaky and stylish way to add some intensity to your workouts while remaining hands-free. My wife suggests using them while running through the airport to catch your plane, making your journey more interesting and challenging.

3. Collapsible Foam Roller (14% Black Friday Discount)
Foam rolling is a popular technique for muscle release, and this collapsible foam roller is perfect for those who love foam rolling. It can be easily packed and provides a convenient way to release muscle tension while on the go.

4. Apple Watch Series 9 (17%-19% Black Friday Discount)
My wife swears by the Apple Watch for accountability and motivation. With features like daily goals, monthly challenges, and reward badges, it helps her stay on track with her fitness routine no matter where she is. She has been using the Apple Watch for almost a decade and highly recommends it.

5. CoreFirst Resistance Pilates System (30% Black Friday Discount + $10 Coupon)
This resistance Pilates system is the lightest and easiest to take on the road. It mimics the use of a reformer and provides total body resistance training. The accompanying app offers guided workouts for beginners and advanced practitioners, making it suitable for everyone. The system can be anchored to almost any stable surface or door.

6. TriggerPoint Foam Massage Ball for Deep-Tissue Massage (15% Black Friday Discount)
If you’re looking for a self-trigger point massage tool, this foam massage ball is the best on the market. It mimics the feeling of a massage and is available in two sizes. The smaller ball is perfect for releasing tension in specific areas like the neck, shoulders, chest, feet, and calves, while the larger ball is better for larger areas like the glutes, hip flexors, and extensors.

7. MELT Hand & Foot Therapy Ball Kit
Another great alternative to the foam massage ball is the MELT Hand & Foot Therapy Ball Kit. This kit comes with a small guide book that helps you find relief at the root cause of stuck stress in your body. It’s a great addition to your travel gear for targeted muscle release.

8. Whatafit Resistance Bands Set (50% Black Friday Discount)
This resistance band travel set with a door anchor allows you to bring the gym to your room. With up to 150 lbs of resistance, you can customize your workouts and target different muscle groups. The set anchors to any door, making it convenient for use in hotel rooms or other temporary spaces.

9. TRX GO Suspension Trainer System
The TRX GO suspension trainer system is designed to provide quality workouts using your own body weight. It was created by a Navy SEAL and can be anchored to a door. The TRX training club app guides you through the perfect workout. If you prefer Pilates, you can also check out the TryBe app for Pilates949 suspension workouts.

If you rely on hotel fitness centers but prefer kettlebell workouts over dumbbells, the KETTLE GRYP is the best dumbbell converter. Simply clamp it around your choice of weight, and you instantly have a kettlebell. It’s a convenient and space-saving addition to your travel gear.

11. Redify 2 Pack Adjustable Jump Rope for Workout (35% Black Friday Discount)
Jumping rope is a great full-body cardio workout, and this adjustable jump rope is a good option for travel. It is compact and easy to pack, allowing you to get a cardio workout wherever you go.

12. Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mat (17% Black Friday Discount)
If you’re a fan of yoga, a foldable yoga mat is a must-have for travel. Hotel towels may not provide enough cushioning or support, so having your own mat can enhance your practice. This Gaiam foldable yoga mat is compact and easy to carry.

13. Portable Water Bottle Humidifier (40% Black Friday Discount)
Hotel rooms can be dry, especially in winter. This portable water bottle humidifier is a great addition to your travel gear to make hotel rooms more comfortable. It fits easily in your suitcase and helps combat dryness.

In conclusion, my wife is incredibly resourceful when it comes to maintaining her workout routine while we travel. She always ensures that at least one of these items is packed in our suitcase, if not more. As we approach Black Friday, there are some great deals on these exercise gadgets that can help you stay healthy on the road. Happy hunting!

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