Get A FREE Shake Shack Chicken Shack With $10 Purchase!

Shake Shack Offers Free Chicken Shack with $10 Purchase

Over the weekend, Shake Shack made an interesting offer to its customers. The popular fast-food chain announced that if an NFL player did the Chicken Dance during a game, they would give away a free Chicken Shack to all customers. While no player performed the famous dance, Shake Shack still wants to give away some free Chicken Shacks.

The Chicken Shack is not a new addition to the Shake Shack menu. Back in 2015, the Chicken Shack was introduced as a limited-time item in just a few locations. However, due to its popularity, it became a permanent menu item. It features a crispy chicken breast topped with buttermilk herb mayo, lettuce, and pickles, all served on a potato roll.

To get a free Chicken Shack, customers simply need to spend $10 or more on a purchase in-store, online, or through the Shake Shack app. During the purchase, customers must enter the code “CHICKENDANCE” to redeem the offer. The promotion is valid until November 19, 2023.

However, there are a few rules and restrictions to keep in mind. The offer is not valid at airports, stadiums, arenas, travel plazas, and museums. Additionally, it cannot be used for orders made through third-party delivery apps. Each order is limited to one free Chicken Shack, with a maximum savings of $9.09. The order must include a minimum of $10 worth of food or beverage products, excluding gift cards. Customers must also add at least one Chicken Shack to their cart before checking out. Finally, the offer does not apply to any paid add-ons such as avocado and bacon.

While this offer is certainly tempting, some customers may find it challenging to take advantage of it before the deal expires. Shake Shack has become a favorite among burger lovers for its high-quality ingredients and delicious menu options. However, with the limited time frame and the exclusion of certain locations, not everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy a free Chicken Shack.

In conclusion, Shake Shack’s offer of a free Chicken Shack with a $10 purchase is an enticing promotion for fans of the fast-food chain. The Chicken Shack, a crispy chicken sandwich topped with flavorful ingredients, has become a popular menu item. Customers can redeem the offer in-store, online, or through the Shake Shack app by using the code “CHICKENDANCE.” While there are some rules and restrictions, this promotion provides an opportunity for customers to enjoy a tasty meal at no additional cost.

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