Get S$300 Cash with OCBC Credit Card

Additionally, if you have an OCBC 360 Account, you may earn up to 0.60% p.a. bonus interest on up to S$100,000 when you charge at least S$500 to selected OCBC Credit Cards each month – this works out to approximately S$50 in bonus interest if are taking full advantage of OCBC 360 Account.

Title: Maximizing Your Earnings with OCBC 360 Account and Credit Cards


In today’s digital age, where earning interest on your savings has become increasingly challenging, it is essential to explore innovative ways to maximize your earnings. One such avenue is the OCBC 360 Account, which offers attractive bonus interest rates. In this article, we will discuss how you can make the most of this account by leveraging your OCBC Credit Cards.

Understanding the OCBC 360 Account:

The OCBC 360 Account is a savings account provided by OCBC Bank in Singapore. It offers customers the opportunity to earn bonus interest on their deposits. The account has several criteria that need to be fulfilled to qualify for the bonus interest. One of these criteria is charging a certain amount to selected OCBC Credit Cards each month.

Earning Bonus Interest with OCBC Credit Cards:

By linking your OCBC Credit Cards to your OCBC 360 Account, you can earn bonus interest on top of the regular interest earned on your deposits. To qualify for the bonus interest, you need to charge at least S$500 to selected OCBC Credit Cards every month. This requirement ensures that you actively use your credit cards and contribute to the bank’s revenue, making you eligible for the bonus interest.

Calculating Your Bonus Interest:

The bonus interest rate offered by OCBC 360 Account is up to 0.60% per annum on up to S$100,000 of your deposits. If you charge at least S$500 to selected OCBC Credit Cards each month, you can earn this bonus interest. Let’s break down the potential earnings:

Assuming you have the maximum deposit of S$100,000 in your OCBC 360 Account, the bonus interest earned would be 0.60% p.a. This translates to S$600 per year. By dividing this amount by 12, we find that you can earn approximately S$50 in bonus interest every month.

Benefits of Maximizing OCBC 360 Account and Credit Cards:

1. Higher Earnings: By actively using your OCBC Credit Cards and meeting the criteria, you can earn bonus interest on top of the regular interest earned on your deposits. This can significantly boost your overall earnings.

2. Convenience: The integration of your credit cards with your savings account simplifies the process of earning bonus interest. You don’t need to maintain separate accounts or go through additional paperwork.

3. Flexibility: OCBC offers a range of credit cards to choose from, allowing you to select the one that best suits your spending habits. This flexibility ensures that you can maximize your earnings without compromising on your lifestyle.

4. Additional Benefits: OCBC Credit Cards come with various perks and rewards, such as cashback, discounts, and loyalty programs. By actively using these cards, you can enjoy additional benefits alongside the bonus interest.


Maximizing your earnings in today’s financial landscape requires a proactive approach. By taking full advantage of the OCBC 360 Account and linking it to your OCBC Credit Cards, you can earn bonus interest on your deposits. This presents an excellent opportunity to grow your savings while enjoying the convenience and flexibility of credit card usage. Make sure to meet the monthly spending criteria to unlock the full potential of your OCBC 360 Account and maximize your earnings.

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