Hilton’s explosive growth gives many more options for travelers

Hilton Honors: More Opportunities for Earning and Redeeming Points

Hilton Honors, the loyalty program of Hilton Hotels, has been expanding its offerings, providing its members with more opportunities to earn and redeem points. Additionally, the broader traveling public now has more options to experience a Hilton-affiliated hotel.

In the last three months of 2023, Hilton opened a record number of rooms, making it the quarter with the most significant room expansion in the company’s history. The hotel giant added 24,000 rooms across 132 new hotels, bringing the total number of new hotels for the year to 395.

One of the highlights of the past year was the introduction of new brands such as Spark, a premium economy hotel, and LivSmart Studios, an extended-stay concept. These additions were driven by the demand from the ownership community, as they recognized the potential of these new products. LivSmart, in particular, was a joint venture between Hilton and the ownership groups.

Hilton’s expansion efforts are not slowing down, with more hotels and new brands on the way. The company recently opened its first Signia by Hilton hotel, a brand focused on convention-oriented properties, in Atlanta. Hilton has also hinted at the development of a new luxury lifestyle brand. Last year, the company added 1,000 more hotels to its development pipeline, with a combined total of 130,000 rooms planned across all these deals. This pipeline, featuring 3,300 hotels and over 462,000 rooms, is the largest in Hilton’s history.

Chris Silcock, the president of global brands and commercial services at Hilton, emphasized the company’s strategy of being the premium player in every segment it enters. Hilton aims to deliver the highest quality and most consistent branded experience by focusing on product, service, and technology. The goal is to design brands that meet specific customer segment needs or trip occasions.

In addition to expanding its hotel portfolio, Hilton has also introduced a new program called Unlocking Doors. This program aims to bring in new owners to the Hilton ecosystem, particularly those who are new to the industry or have faced challenges in securing funding for hotel projects. Unlocking Doors works with partners to connect small and medium-sized businesses with lenders who are willing to underwrite hotel projects. This initiative not only helps foster more diversity in the hotel ownership community but also creates a supportive network where owners can learn from each other and from Hilton.

Hilton has always been at the forefront of technological advancements in the hotel industry, offering features like mobile check-in and checkout and advance room selection through the Hilton Honors app. The company is continuously developing new tech offerings to enhance the guest experience. For example, Hilton is working on more dynamic packages and experiential offerings, allowing guests to customize their stay by adding or changing amenities on a daily basis. Hilton is also exploring the possibility of enabling guests to book spa treatments and other amenities directly through the app, eliminating the need to make phone calls to the hotel.

Looking ahead, Hilton is considering further opportunities in the all-inclusive resort space. While many of its competitors have launched dedicated all-inclusive brands, Hilton operates in this sector with its existing lineup of brands. The company is also exploring experiential aspects to enhance the Hilton Honors program, focusing on high-profile experiences rather than creating a separate ultra-luxury brand.

In conclusion, Hilton Honors members now have more options to earn and redeem points, thanks to the expansion of Hilton’s hotel portfolio and the introduction of new brands. The company’s commitment to being the premium player in every segment it enters, along with its focus on technological advancements and experiential offerings, ensures that guests will continue to enjoy a high-quality and personalized hotel experience.

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