How my Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi is a workhorse when it comes to cash back

If you asked me to choose my favorite credit card, I’d be hard-pressed to pick between my current top two: the Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi and the Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express. Both cards offer excellent benefits and rewards, making it difficult to choose just one.

When I signed up for the Costco Anywhere Visa, I upgraded to Executive Membership at Costco. This allowed me to apply for the Costco Anywhere Visa and receive a cumulative $80 bonus in the form of digital shop cards upon credit card approval. These shop cards never expire, making them a great perk.

One of the standout features of the Costco Anywhere Visa is its cash back rewards in key categories. For my household, gas and restaurants are two areas where we spend a significant amount of money. The card offers 4% cash back on gas and electric vehicle charging for up to $7,000 spent per year, and 3% cash back on restaurants and eligible travel categories. This means that every time I fuel up or dine out, I earn rewards. Additionally, the card offers 2% cash back on all purchases from Costco and, and 1% cash back on all other purchases. This means that no matter where I shop, I’m earning rewards.

Another great benefit of the Costco Anywhere Visa is that it pays for my Costco membership. With the cash back I accumulate and the digital shop cards I earn, I can easily offset the $120 annual Costco Executive Membership fee. This means that not only do I get all the benefits of being a Costco member, but I also earn cash back while doing so.

While the Costco Anywhere Visa may not be considered a traditional travel card, it does offer some decent travel perks. Cardholders enjoy no foreign transaction fees wherever Visa is accepted, and 3% cash back on rental cars, hotel stays, and other eligible travel categories. Additionally, cardholders with Costco’s Executive Membership can combine the 3% cash back on eligible travel with the 2% cash back they already receive, resulting in a total of 5% cash back on travel rewards. This is a great perk for those who travel frequently.

In conclusion, the Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi is a top-tier card that I use daily. Its cash back rewards in key categories, the ability to pay for my Costco membership, and the additional travel perks make it a standout card in my wallet. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to maximize their cash-back earning potential.

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