How to maximize World of Hyatt award redemptions

Although Hyatt’s portfolio may be smaller compared to Marriott and Hilton, the hotel brand has gained a remarkable reputation among value-seeking award travelers. With its easy-to-earn World of Hyatt points and a list of luxurious properties worldwide, Hyatt offers great opportunities for maximizing your redemptions. Here are five ways you can make the most of your World of Hyatt points:

1. Redeem World of Hyatt points: The World of Hyatt program offers high-value redemptions across its award chart, especially at high- and low-category properties. The points required per night vary based on the award category, ranging from 3,500 points for Category 1 off-peak dates to 45,000 points for Category 8 peak dates. To earn World of Hyatt points, you can consider opening a World of Hyatt credit card, which offers generous welcome offers.

2. Upgrade paid Hyatt stays: Unlike other hotel loyalty programs, World of Hyatt allows members to upgrade eligible paid stays using points. The upgrade costs are reasonable, with 3,000 points per night for a club room upgrade, 6,000 points per night for a suite room upgrade, and 9,000 points per night for a premium suite room upgrade. This option is beneficial if you don’t have elite status or club lounge access awards to use.

3. Redeem Hyatt points at all-inclusive resorts: Hyatt offers 10 all-inclusive brands that can be booked using World of Hyatt points. These resorts provide additional benefits such as gourmet dining, wellness activities, and resort credits. The award chart for all-inclusive resorts differs depending on the brand and room type, with points ranging from 12,000 to 58,000 per night. This option is ideal for those looking for a worry-free vacation experience.

4. Transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points to Hyatt: Hyatt’s award chart is relatively inexpensive compared to other hotel loyalty programs. Transferring Chase Ultimate Rewards points to Hyatt can be a great way to maximize the value of your points. Chase Ultimate Rewards allows a 1:1 transfer ratio to Hyatt, Marriott Bonvoy, and IHG Rewards. However, Hyatt properties often require fewer points, making it an attractive option for redemption.

5. Use Hyatt points to avoid resort fees: Resort fees are becoming increasingly common, particularly in popular destinations. However, when redeeming Hyatt points, members enjoy waived resort fees while still receiving the benefits associated with them. This can result in significant cost savings, especially at properties with high resort fees.

In conclusion, the World of Hyatt program offers a range of opportunities for maximizing your redemptions. From high-value award stays to room upgrades, all-inclusive resorts, and avoiding resort fees, Hyatt provides value for both budget-conscious and luxury-seeking travelers. With its growing reputation and easy-to-earn points, Hyatt is certainly a brand worth considering for your next vacation.

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