How to use the Global Entry mobile app

Global Entry, the trusted traveler program operated by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), has made it even easier and faster for travelers to use. In late September, CBP rolled out the official Global Entry mobile app, allowing travelers to bypass the Global Entry kiosks and verify their arrival in the U.S. using their smartphones. This new feature is currently available at 15 airports across the country, with plans for expansion in the future.

To use the Global Entry app, travelers must first download it from the Apple app store or Google Play. Once downloaded, users can start a new submission after landing at their destination airport. They will be prompted to select their CBP port of entry, which is the airport where they have just arrived. Depending on the airport, travelers may need to select their arrival terminal as well.

After confirming their arrival at the airport, users will be asked to take a selfie using the app. The app provides tips for taking an effective photo, such as ensuring adequate lighting and not wearing a mask. Once the selfie is taken, the app will show the photo and users can either accept it or take another. If the traveler is actually at the airport and arriving from an international flight, they will receive a mobile receipt to present to the CBP officer instead of using the Global Entry kiosk.

Currently, the Global Entry app is available at airports such as Charlotte Douglas International Airport, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, and Washington D.C.’s Dulles International Airport, among others. CBP has been rapidly adding airports to the app as it expands its reach to more international arrivals locations.

The new app aims to enhance security while improving the travel experience for trusted travelers. CBP plans to continue evaluating the program and expanding it to other airports in the future. Global Entry, which currently has over 12 million members, has been instrumental in saving time for travelers after international flights. The addition of the mobile app is expected to further expedite the process.

For travelers planning international trips next spring or summer, now is a good time to start the enrollment process for Global Entry. Additionally, it is recommended to charge the $100 application fee to a credit card that reimburses the program’s cost. While the app is an additional option for Global Entry members, the traditional kiosks will still be available for those who prefer not to use the app.

In conclusion, Global Entry’s new mobile app is making the program even easier and faster to use for travelers arriving in the U.S. The app allows users to verify their arrival on their smartphones, bypassing the Global Entry kiosks. With plans for expansion in the future, the app is currently available at 15 airports across the country. Travelers can save a significant amount of time after international flights by enrolling in Global Entry and using the app.

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