Hyatt rolls out Mr & Mrs Smith gift card promotion amid uncertain timeline on loyalty integration

The integration of Mr & Mrs Smith hotels with the World of Hyatt platform has been highly anticipated by travelers and loyal customers. Since Hyatt announced its acquisition of Mr & Mrs Smith, a London-based travel booking platform that offers boutique and luxury hotels worldwide, there has been much speculation about when the integration would take place and what benefits it would bring to World of Hyatt members.

The deal between Hyatt and Mr & Mrs Smith closed in June, marking a significant victory for Hyatt as it continues to expand its presence in the luxury and lifestyle hotel market. At the same time, it dealt a blow to IHG Hotels & Resorts, which had been a loyalty partner with Mr & Mrs Smith.

However, the timeline for the full integration of Mr & Mrs Smith hotels into the World of Hyatt platform has not been clearly communicated by the company. While World of Hyatt members eagerly await the ability to earn and redeem loyalty points at Mr & Mrs Smith-affiliated hotels, a new promotion has been introduced to bridge the gap until the integration is complete.

Under this promotion, World of Hyatt members who purchase a Mr & Mrs Smith gift card through Hyatt will receive 5 World of Hyatt base points for every $1 spent. Additionally, for every $300 spent, members will earn a tier-qualifying night credit toward World of Hyatt status. As part of the brand’s birthday sale, there is also a 40% discount off 60 Mr & Mrs Smith-affiliated hotels, including some of IHG’s Six Senses properties, available on the website.

To earn points and qualifying night credits, purchased gift cards must be redeemed through the Mr & Mrs Smith website rather than directly with the hotels. This offer presents a valuable opportunity for World of Hyatt members to accumulate points and credits while enjoying stays at the luxurious properties featured in the birthday sale.

However, there are still questions about the challenges of integrating all the hotels listed on Mr & Mrs Smith with a hotel company loyalty platform. Previously, when IHG and Mr & Mrs Smith had their partnership, only select hotels opted in. With Hyatt now owning the platform, it remains to be seen how many hotels will fully integrate and when members will be able to earn points and night credits without having to purchase a gift card.

According to a Hyatt spokesperson, more information about the integration timeline will be shared soon. Hyatt CEO Mark Hoplamazian mentioned during the company’s third-quarter earnings call that World of Hyatt benefits will eventually extend to the Mr & Mrs Smith platform. However, the specific timeframe for this integration has not been disclosed.

In terms of Hyatt’s overall performance, the company reported a $68 million profit for the third quarter and experienced a 6.2% increase in net room growth. The World of Hyatt loyalty program has seen significant growth, adding 8 million new members in the past year, bringing the total membership to over 42 million. Hoplamazian highlighted the ongoing recovery in Asia as a growth driver for the hotel industry and emphasized the continued demand for leisure travel across the Hyatt network.

While the integration of Mr & Mrs Smith hotels with the World of Hyatt platform is eagerly awaited, Hyatt’s current strength and growth in the industry are evident. The company’s expansion of its property portfolio and the significant increase in World of Hyatt membership reflect its commitment to providing exceptional experiences for travelers worldwide.

In conclusion, the integration of Mr & Mrs Smith hotels with the World of Hyatt platform holds great promise for loyal customers and travelers seeking unique and luxurious accommodations. Although the exact timeline for full integration is still unclear, the current promotion and discounts offer an attractive opportunity for World of Hyatt members to earn points and qualifying night credits while enjoying stays at Mr & Mrs Smith-affiliated hotels. As Hyatt continues to expand its presence and strengthen its loyalty program, the anticipation for the full integration and the benefits it will bring only grows.

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