Link your Hyatt and American accounts for more rewards

If you have elite status with American Airlines AAdvantage or World of Hyatt, it’s important to ensure that your accounts are linked. The process is simple and can be done in just a few minutes. By linking your accounts, you can earn extra points, miles, and perks during your travels.

Linking your Hyatt and American accounts offers several benefits. First and foremost, you’ll earn bonus earnings on top of the points and miles you already earn. This means that you’ll be able to accumulate rewards faster and enjoy more benefits. For example, as an AAdvantage Executive Platinum member with Hyatt Globalist status, I have experienced the reciprocal earnings on flights and hotels. These additional earnings have made a significant difference in my overall rewards.

Furthermore, linking your accounts can also provide opportunities to fast-track to elite status in the other program. Explorist and Globalist elite members of Hyatt may have the chance to fast-track to higher AAdvantage elite status. On the other hand, AAdvantage elite members may be offered opportunities to fast-track to higher World of Hyatt elite status. This can be a great way to elevate your status and enjoy even more exclusive benefits.

Additionally, ConciergeKey members can receive top-tier Hyatt Globalist status without meeting any stay requirements. This is an incredible perk that can greatly enhance your travel experiences.

If you have elite status with one program and are interested in earning elite status with the other, it’s definitely worth linking your accounts. The benefits and rewards that come with having elite status in both programs are well worth the few minutes it takes to link your accounts.

To link your Hyatt and American accounts, simply visit the respective websites and provide your membership number for the other program. If you have elite status in both programs, you only need to link once from either program.

In conclusion, if you frequently fly with American Airlines and stay with Hyatt, linking your accounts can provide you with extra rewards and potentially allow you to boost your status. However, if you only use one of these programs, the partnership may not offer significant benefits. Nonetheless, the reciprocal earnings on qualifying flights and stays can still provide some value. So, take a few minutes to link your accounts and start enjoying the additional perks and rewards today.

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