Marriott Ambassador Elite status: How I’d like it to improve

For guests who spend $23,000 and 100 nights annually with Marriott Bonvoy, one would expect nothing but the best from Ambassador Elite status. However, contrary to expectations, Ambassador Elite doesn’t deliver significant value above Titanium Elite, the tier just below Ambassador Elite.

There are only two benefits of Ambassador Elite status that Titanium Elite status doesn’t provide: Your24 and the dedicated Ambassador Service team. Your24 allows guests to occupy a room for 24 hours if requested and confirmed in advance. However, many Ambassador Elite members, including myself, have never used this benefit, and some have reported receiving unappealing rooms when using Your24. It seems inconvenient for hotels to have guests occupy a room until after working hours, which may explain the lack of enthusiasm for this benefit. Additionally, the room assigned may not always be desirable, such as a small room next to an elevator or ice machine.

In order to differentiate Ambassador Elite status from Titanium Elite status and encourage members to maintain their status, there are several benefits that could be added. Firstly, Ambassador Elite members should earn 20 points per dollar, compared to the current 17.5 points per dollar. This would align with the pattern of increasing point accruals with each tier jump.

Additionally, Marriott could introduce a third set of Choice Benefits for Ambassador Elite members. Currently, Platinum Elite members receive a choice benefit at 50 nights, and Titanium Elite members receive a choice benefit at 75 nights. It would make sense to offer a third choice benefit for Ambassador Elite members, further increasing the program’s value.

Another improvement could be a status match to United Airlines’ Premier Gold tier for Ambassador Elite members. Currently, Titanium and Ambassador members are offered a status match to the Premier Silver tier, which is a nice perk but doesn’t go above and beyond what Titanium Elite status offers. Premier Gold offers several additional benefits, such as access to Economy Plus seating, two free checked bags, and Group 1 boarding.

Club access at Ritz-Carlton properties could also be extended to Ambassador Elite members. While club access is granted to Marriott Platinum Elite and higher members at most Marriott brands, it is exempt at Ritz-Carlton properties. Given that many Ritz-Carlton clubs are often empty, it would make sense to allow Ambassador Elite members access to these exclusive spaces.

Lastly, Ambassador Elite members could be given the option to select two welcome gifts at check-in, instead of just one. This would further reward continued business and loyalty.

In conclusion, there is definitely room for improvement in the Ambassador Elite program. By introducing these additional benefits, Marriott could differentiate Ambassador Elite status from Titanium Elite status and make it more valuable for its most loyal guests.

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