MSC Cruises cabins and suites: Everything you need to know

Cruising has become a popular vacation choice for many travelers, offering a unique way to explore different destinations while enjoying various onboard amenities and entertainment. One cruise line that has been gaining attention in the North American market is MSC Cruises. With its elegant yet kitschy appeal, MSC Cruises appeals to a wide range of passengers, from Europeans who love to party to American families looking for affordable fares and “kids sail free” pricing. To cater to its diverse passenger base, MSC offers a variety of accommodations to suit all types of travelers.

MSC offers four types of cabins: inside, outside, balcony, and suite. The standard amenities in each cabin include two twin beds that can be joined to form a queen- or king-size bed, an in-cabin bathroom with a shower, sink, and toilet, basic toiletries, nightstands, a chair or sofa, a desk/vanity, a closet, a safe, a hairdryer, a minifridge, a phone, USB outlets, and a selection of both North American and European outlets. Additionally, most ships have an interactive TV, room tidying service, and room service for an additional fee.

To make the booking process more confusing, MSC requires passengers to select an experience package in addition to a cabin type. The experience package determines perks such as the ability to choose a specific cabin, preferred dining time, welcome amenities, and more. The three experience packages offered by MSC are Bella, Fantastica, and Aurea.

The Bella experience package includes complimentary food in the dining room and buffet, Broadway-style theater entertainment, access to the onboard gym, pool, and kids club, MSC Voyagers Club points, one for-fee change to your cruise booking, and a drink package discount at the time of booking.

The Fantastica experience package includes all the perks of the Bella package, plus the choice of a specific cabin and location, one free change to your cruise booking, the ability to choose between early and late seating for dinner, room service (complimentary for breakfast, but fees apply for other meals), a discount on pre-cruise specialty dining package, and more.

The Aurea experience package includes all the perks of the Fantastica package, plus flexible My Choice dining, free 24-hour room service delivery, a pillow menu, a welcome package including Prosecco and chocolates, complimentary access to your ship’s solarium and thermal area, a 10% discount on all spa treatments purchased onboard, a special Balinese massage offer when booked pre-cruise, complimentary use of bathrobe and slippers, priority boarding and luggage drop-off, and more.

In terms of cabin types, inside cabins are the most budget-friendly option. They do not have windows but provide a dark environment for sleeping. Outside cabins have a porthole or window that doesn’t open, offering a view of the outside. Balcony cabins are similar to outside cabins but come with a private balcony, providing extra space and the opportunity to enjoy the ocean views. Suites offer the most luxurious accommodations, with various sizes and amenities available, including balconies, whirlpool tubs, and panoramic windows.

MSC Cruises also offers accessible cabins for passengers with disabilities, featuring wider doorways, lowered sinks and toilets, and grab bars. Some ships also have cabins for solo travelers, outfitted with a twin bed that converts into a couch.

It’s important to note that cabin offerings can vary from ship to ship and class to class, so it’s recommended to check the specific details of each ship before booking.

In conclusion, MSC Cruises offers a range of accommodations to suit different types of travelers. From budget-friendly inside cabins to luxurious suites, there is something for everyone. By selecting the right experience package and cabin type, passengers can ensure a comfortable and enjoyable cruise experience with MSC Cruises.

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