NCL Teppanyaki menu: What to expect at this Japanese cruise restaurant

Teppanyaki, the Japanese style of cooking on a flat-top iron griddle, has become a popular dining experience on Norwegian Cruise Line. With its entertaining chefs, delicious menu, and communal dining atmosphere, Teppanyaki is a must-try restaurant for fans of Japanese cuisine and those looking for a unique dining experience on their cruise.

Teppanyaki, pronounced “tep-pahn-yah-kee,” is an added-fee restaurant on Norwegian Cruise Line that is open only for dinner. When you arrive at Teppanyaki, you will be seated at a counter surrounding a flat-top grill. Here, an experienced chef will prepare your meal right in front of you, offering both culinary skills and entertainment.

The chef at Teppanyaki is not only a skilled cook but also a showman. While preparing your meal, he will put on a performance with cheesy jokes and tricks. From creating a beating heart made out of rice to catching a flying eggshell in his chef’s hat, the chef’s tricks will keep you entertained while you wait for your food.

Teppanyaki is a great dining option for groups, friends, or families traveling together. The banter and showmanship of the chef will delight children and adults alike. However, due to its popularity, reservations are highly recommended and often necessary. Be sure to book early to secure your spot at Teppanyaki.

The Teppanyaki menu offers a variety of delicious dishes cooked right in front of you. To start, everyone is automatically given edamame, miso soup, and seaweed salad with ginger dressing. These appetizers are included in the cover charge.

The mains section of the Teppanyaki menu is divided into two categories: Classic and Combination. Classic options include vegetables or one type of protein, such as chicken with udon noodles, veggies with udon noodles, seafood (jumbo shrimp, sea scallops, and calamari), beef striploin, and seasonal vegetables with tofu. Combination options include two types of protein, such as chicken breast and jumbo shrimp, New York strip loin and jumbo shrimp, New York strip loin and chicken breast, and sea scallops and jumbo shrimp. All mains are served with garlic fried rice, grilled vegetables, and onion and mustard dipping sauces.

For dessert, you have a choice of green tea cake with cashew nut brittle or fruit sashimi. The ship’s standard drink menu is available, but Teppanyaki also offers two special cocktails: the Shaku Shaku, made with sake, Chartreuse, cucumber, fresh lemon juice, and simple syrup, and the Wasabi Cocktail, a blend of sake, lychee liqueur, fresh lemon and orange juices, and grenadine.

The cost of dining at Teppanyaki is $59 per adult, with a 20% gratuity added to the bill. Children eat free if they order off the ship’s regular kids menu. If you have a dining package, you can select one main and one dessert for free, in addition to the appetizers that are served to everyone. Most drinks are an additional cost unless you have a beverage package.

Teppanyaki is available on many Norwegian Cruise Line ships, including Norwegian Breakaway, Norwegian Bliss, Norwegian Dawn, Norwegian Epic, Norwegian Encore, Norwegian Escape, Norwegian Gem, Norwegian Getaway, Norwegian Jade, Norwegian Jewel, Norwegian Joy, Norwegian Pearl, Norwegian Prima, Norwegian Spirit, Norwegian Star, Norwegian Sun, and Norwegian Viva. On Norwegian Prima and Norwegian Viva, Teppanyaki is called Hasuki, but the menu is nearly identical to the one at Teppanyaki.

In conclusion, if you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine, corny jokes, and communal dining, Teppanyaki is a don’t-miss dinner experience on Norwegian Cruise Line. With its entertaining chefs, delicious menu, and unique cooking style, Teppanyaki offers a memorable dining experience that is worth the extra fee. Be sure to make reservations in advance to secure your spot at this popular restaurant.

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