NCL’s Food Republic menu: Learn all about this cruise restaurant

Food Republic is an alternative dining venue found on several Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) ships. Despite its name not giving much away, it is a hidden gem offering international street food cuisine. While the restaurant is often empty, it is a shame because it is one of the writer’s favorite restaurants at sea.

Food Republic can be found on various NCL vessels and is one of the few dining venues that do not usually require reservations. The restaurant’s theme focuses on international street food, with a heavy emphasis on Asian cuisine. The menu features dishes from countries such as Mexico, Germany, Peru, China, Japan, Korea, and Thailand. There is also a sushi bar for those who enjoy sushi.

The dining experience at Food Republic is different from traditional restaurants. Guests are seated in a modern and spartan dining room filled with a mix of high-top tables and standard ones. Instead of ordering from a server, guests can order directly from a touchscreen tablet. The dishes are prepared quickly and are served as they are ready, rather than in the traditional starter-main-dessert order. This means that if you order multiple plates, they will be served as they are made, which could result in dessert being served early in the meal.

It is important not to confuse Food Republic with Indulge Food Hall, another street food-themed restaurant found on Prima Class vessels. While both venues offer a similar concept and require ordering from a touchpad, Indulge Food Hall is complimentary to dine at, while Food Republic requires an additional fee.

The menu at Food Republic is divided into five sections: Sushi Bar, Sharing Is Caring, Handhelds, Noodles, Rice, and Soups, and Sugar Pump. The sushi menu offers a variety of rolls, while the sharing plates feature dishes such as shishito peppers, Korean fried chicken, calamari, and beef skewers. Handhelds include options like Thai chicken lettuce wraps, pork belly bao buns, and shrimp. The Noodles, Rice, and Soups section offers dishes like shrimp pad Thai, kimchee fried rice, and Vietnamese pho tai. For dessert, guests can choose from options such as a green tea jar with a chocolate brownie and green tea mousse, Black Forest cake, and baba with rum.

While most menu options are meat or fish-based, there are a few selections for vegetarians or vegans. The drink menu includes sake, cider, beer, and a small selection of cocktails.

The cost to dine at Food Republic varies depending on whether you have a dining package or not. If you have a dining package, it will be free to eat at Food Republic, and you can choose up to four dishes per person, including dessert. If you order more than four items, you will have to pay a la carte for the extras. A la carte pricing ranges from $15 to $19 for sushi rolls, $8 to $19 for sharing plates, $13 to $16 for handhelds, $16 to $21 for noodles, rice, and soup, and $9 for desserts. The total cost of a meal at Food Republic typically ranges from $40 to $85 if you order three to five plates.

Food Republic can be found on six NCL ships, providing cruisers with the opportunity to try this hidden gem. Despite its often-empty status, it is a restaurant worth experiencing for its unique international street food cuisine.

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