New Kimpton secret password to unlock bonus treats at hotels this winter

Kimpton Hotels & Resorts, the playful and sociable brand within the IHG portfolio, is known for its unique and exciting promotions. One of their recurring offers is the opportunity for guests to unlock special perks and freebies by simply knowing a secret password. This article will explore the latest Kimpton secret password and the benefits it offers, as well as past experiences shared by TPG readers.

The current Kimpton secret password, which will be valid from December 1, 2023, through February 29, 2024, is “chalet all day.” By saying these magic words at check-in, guests can enjoy a variety of goodies and surprises. Some of the perks that have been unlocked in the past include treats from a prize chest, free bottles of wine, complimentary in-room movies, and room upgrades. TPG readers have reported great success with previous secret passwords, and it seems that Kimpton continues to delight its guests with these special offers.

The author of this article shares their own experience using the secret password with their family at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco Denver. Each of their children had the opportunity to spin the prize wheel and won a free in-room movie and snacks. This demonstrates the fun and interactive nature of Kimpton’s secret password promotion, which adds an element of excitement to the check-in experience.

The secret password is not limited to specific guests or loyalty program members. Anyone who knows the password can take advantage of the perks it unlocks. However, it is worth noting that IHG One Rewards Platinum and Diamond Elite members can also enjoy additional benefits through the Raid the Bar program. Platinum Elite members receive a $10 credit, while Diamond Elite members receive a $20 credit to use on the Kimpton in-room minibar, hotel bar, or restaurant.

In addition to the secret password promotion, Kimpton Hotels has embraced a winter chalet theme in select hotel lobbies across the IHG brand. This includes properties such as Kimpton, Hotel Indigo, and InterContinental hotels. For example, specific Kimpton properties like the Kimpton Monaco Salt Lake City, the Kimpton Cardinal Hotel, and the Kimpton Hotel Monaco Philadelphia offer a Cozy Chalet Getaway package. This package includes various winter-themed amenities such as Frette robes, blankets, fuzzy socks, warm winter beverages, hot chocolate kits, desserts, books, puzzles, and board games. The Kimpton Marlowe Hotel in Cambridge, Massachusetts, even features a Christmas-themed pop-up cocktail bar leading up to Christmas Eve.

For those who do not have elite status with IHG but are interested in earning points and achieving Platinum Elite status, the article suggests applying for the IHG One Rewards Premier Credit Card. This card offers 140,000 bonus points after spending $3,000 on purchases within the first three months of account opening. Cardholders also receive automatic IHG One Rewards Platinum Elite status, which comes with additional benefits such as the Raid the Bar credit on Kimpton stays.

However, it is important to note that the secret password promotion is available to all guests, regardless of their elite status or credit card affiliation. Simply saying “chalet all day” at check-in can unlock the magic and surprises that Kimpton has in store.

In conclusion, Kimpton Hotels & Resorts’ secret password promotion is a fun and exciting way for guests to enjoy additional perks and surprises during their stay. The current password, “chalet all day,” offers a range of goodies, including prizes from a prize chest, free wine, in-room movies, and room upgrades. TPG readers have shared positive experiences with previous secret passwords, highlighting the unique and interactive nature of these promotions. Whether you’re an IHG elite member or a regular guest, knowing the secret password can unlock a world of magic and surprises at Kimpton Hotels. So, the next time you check in, don’t forget to say the magic words and see what wonders await you.

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