Protests Do Not Belong on Access Roads at Airports.

In recent news, activists sympathizing with the Palestinian cause took to the streets and blocked the access roads of both John F. Kennedy airport and Los Angeles International Airport. Their intention was to make their voices heard and draw attention to the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel, as well as advocate for expanded rights for the Palestinian people. However, while their cause may be important, blocking access roads at airports is not an appropriate way to protest.

The blocking of access roads at both airports caused massive traffic jams, resulting in people either having to walk to the terminals or missing their flights altogether. Law enforcement officers were forced to intervene and at least 62 people were arrested, including 26 activists in New York. In Los Angeles, 35 individuals were arrested for rioting, while one person was apprehended for assaulting a police officer.

It is important to note that while the protests were mostly peaceful, they were disruptive and unlawful. Innocent people who were simply trying to travel were inconvenienced and delayed unnecessarily. The actions of the activists likely did not garner sympathy from the majority of those affected by the protests.

While everyone has the right to peacefully protest, it is crucial to consider appropriate venues for such demonstrations. Blocking access roads at airports is not only inconvenient for travelers, but it also does not effectively solve problems or advance causes. Instead, it often leads to increased animosity and more issues. It is important for activists to find alternative ways to make their voices heard that do not disrupt the lives of innocent individuals.

There are numerous other platforms available for activists to express their views and advocate for change. Peaceful protests can be organized in public spaces, such as parks or designated protest areas. Engaging in dialogue with elected officials, writing letters to newspapers, or organizing educational events can also be effective methods of raising awareness and initiating change. These methods allow activists to voice their concerns without inconveniencing or alienating the general public.

As a traveler, it is disheartening to imagine being impeded from accessing an airport or missing a flight due to protests. It is a situation that no one wants to find themselves in. Therefore, it is essential for activists to consider the impact of their actions on those who are not directly involved in their cause.

In conclusion, while activists have the right to protest, blocking access roads at airports is not an appropriate method to convey their message. Such actions cause inconvenience and unnecessary disruption to innocent individuals. It is important for activists to explore alternative avenues to make their voices heard and advocate for change without inconveniencing others. By doing so, they can increase the likelihood of garnering support and achieving their goals.

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