Second Mattel Adventure Park coming to Kansas City in 2026

Barbie’s Beach House is Coming to Kansas City, Kansas

Mattel and Epic Resort Destinations have announced that they will be opening a second Mattel Adventure Park location in Bonner Springs, Kansas, just outside of Kansas City. This news comes on the heels of the announcement of the first Mattel Adventure Park opening in Glendale, Arizona in 2024. The new Mattel Adventure Park in Kansas City is set to open in 2026 and promises to bring the iconic Barbie brand to life in a whole new way.

The new Mattel Adventure Park in Kansas City will offer a range of exciting attractions for visitors of all ages. Some of the highly anticipated attractions include two Hot Wheels roller coasters ā€“ Hot Wheels Bone Shaker: The Ultimate Ride and Hot Wheels Twin Mill Racer. The Hot Wheels Bone Shaker coaster is a family-friendly ride that will reach a height of 84 feet and feature the classic Hot Wheels hot rod skull design. Thrill-seekers will love the Hot Wheels Twin Mill Racer coaster, which includes double loops and corkscrew maneuvers.

In addition to the Hot Wheels attractions, the park will also feature a He-Man versus Skeletor laser tag arena designed to look like Castle Grayskull, an 18-hole miniature golf course inspired by classic Mattel games like Magic 8 Ball and Pictionary, and an Uno-themed play area. Younger visitors will enjoy the Thomas & Friends area with five rides and attractions, including an indoor play space.

One of the main highlights of the new Mattel Adventure Park in Kansas City will be the Barbie Beach House. This larger-than-life interactive attraction will feature a Barbie Dream Closet Experience that uses hologram technology to bring Barbie to life. Visitors can also enjoy a Barbie-themed flying theater and a Barbie-themed rooftop restaurant and bar.

Josh Silverman, chief franchise officer at Mattel, expressed his excitement about the new park, stating, “Mattel Adventure Park Kansas City will bring our iconic brands to life with epic roller coasters, family-friendly attractions, an immersive theater, themed dining, and so much more. We are thrilled to expand these themed entertainment destinations and invite new fans to experience the world of Mattel in all-new ways as they create lasting memories with loved ones.”

The new Mattel Adventure Park in Kansas City is part of a growing trend of micro parks that offer smaller, family-friendly experiences for visitors. These parks are designed to be more accessible and easier to enjoy than traditional theme parks, allowing families to spend less time planning and more time having fun together. With the addition of the Barbie Beach House and other exciting attractions, the Mattel Adventure Park in Kansas City promises to be a must-visit destination for fans of all ages.

Keep an eye out for updates on the new park and be sure to visit the Mattel Adventure Park website for more information on attractions and park progress. Barbie’s Beach House is set to bring a touch of glamour and fun to Kansas City, Kansas, and is sure to be a hit with visitors from near and far.

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