Southwest Airlines: Alcohol on flights will now cost more

Southwest Airlines Raises Prices on Inflight Alcoholic Beverages

Southwest Airlines, the Dallas-based carrier known for its low fares and friendly service, has announced a price increase on its inflight alcoholic beverages. The airline stated that the price increase would be “modest” and would go into effect starting Wednesday. This marks the first time since 2018 that Southwest has raised the prices of its alcoholic beverages.

The decision to increase the prices of alcoholic beverages comes after Southwest conducted a review related to its fares. The airline aims to ensure that it remains competitive in the industry while still providing value to its customers. Despite the price increase, Southwest reiterated that passengers still have the option to choose nonalcoholic beverages such as water, soda, coffee, tea, and juice, which are available for free.

With the price increase, all liquor will now cost $9, up from $7. Beer will be priced at $7 instead of $6, and wine will increase by $2, now costing $8. While these increases may seem small, they are part of Southwest’s strategy to maintain profitability and provide a high level of service to its customers.

It is worth noting that A-List Preferred members of Southwest’s Rapid Rewards program will not be affected by the price increase. As part of the recent changes to the frequent flyer program, A-List Preferred members will continue to receive two free premium drink vouchers on every flight. This perk is an added benefit for loyal customers who have achieved elite status within the program.

The decision to bring back alcohol onboard Southwest flights earlier this year was met with mixed reactions. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Southwest had initially removed alcoholic beverages from its inflight menu to reduce interactions between passengers and flight attendants. However, due to increased incidents of disruption and assault onboard flights, the airline extended the pause on alcohol sales.

One high-profile incident involved a passenger assaulting a flight attendant, causing the attendant to lose two teeth. This incident, along with others, led Southwest to reconsider the reintroduction of alcoholic beverages. After implementing stricter policies and increasing security measures, the airline was confident in its ability to safely serve alcohol onboard once again.

The decision to raise prices on alcoholic beverages comes at a time when airfares are dropping due to the resurgence in travel demand. However, overall travel costs have remained high and continue to exceed pre-pandemic levels. According to CBS News, prices in the travel sector have been slow to decrease, contributing to inflationary pressures in the economy.

In conclusion, Southwest Airlines has announced a modest price increase on its inflight alcoholic beverages. The decision was made after a review of fares and aims to ensure the airline remains competitive in the industry. While the price increase may be a disappointment to some passengers, Southwest continues to prioritize customer satisfaction by offering a range of complimentary nonalcoholic beverages. As the travel industry recovers from the pandemic, it is expected that airlines will continue to adjust their pricing strategies to navigate the changing landscape.

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