The best lounges in the US that are worth going out of your way for

In recent years, airport lounges have become increasingly crowded, leading many travelers to skip them altogether and head straight to the gate. With waitlists for entry, dirty tables, and underwhelming buffets, it’s no wonder that many travelers are opting to find a quiet space in the terminal instead. However, there are still some lounges that are worth visiting, even if they are crowded. In this article, we will explore nine lounges that are always worth a visit, regardless of the crowding situation.

One of the top lounges on the list is the Delta Sky Club at LAX. With its stunning 30,000-square-foot space, open-air Sky Deck, and stylish amenities, this lounge is a favorite among travelers. The lounge features two massive buffets, a coffee grotto, private phone booths, and spacious shower suites. The Sky Deck, with its retractable roof and endless views of the airport, is one of the best places to spot planes in all of LAX.

Another lounge worth visiting is the American Express Centurion Lounge at JFK. Split across two levels, this lounge offers plenty of seating, fantastic views of the jets, private phone booths, and an Equinox Body Lab. The lounge also features a hidden speakeasy on the lower level, making it one of the trendiest bars in Queens.

The American and British Airways Chelsea Lounge at JFK is another top pick. This lounge, which replaces American’s Flagship First Dining facility and BA’s Concorde Room, offers a luxurious experience with a Champagne bar and top-notch food and drinks curated by chef Ayesha Nurdjaja.

United’s Polaris Lounge at IAD is dedicated to those flying in premium cabins on long-haul routes. With sit-down bistro restaurants, stylish bars, and locally inspired artwork, this lounge is a favorite among travelers. The Dulles location, in particular, stands out for its luxurious design and eye-catching bar.

Capital One Lounge at IAD is also worth a visit. As one of the few credit card-branded lounges at the airport, this lounge offers all the basics along with a grab-and-go fridge and delectable tapas-style eats.

The American Admirals Club at DCA is another lounge that stands out with its signature fireplace, wood accents, and relaxed ambience. The lounge also offers upgraded food options, making it a great place to catch up on work while enjoying the atmosphere.

Chase Sapphire Lounge at BOS is Chase’s first domestic airport lounge and is not to be missed. With delicious food options, massage rooms, and marble-clad shower suites, this lounge checks all the boxes. The show-stopping design and tarmac views make it a great place to relax before your flight.

The Qantas First Lounge at LAX is often hailed as one of the best in the U.S. With its spacious dining room, long bar stocked with top-shelf liquor, and spectacular food and beverage options, it’s no wonder travelers flock to this lounge. However, it can get quite crowded, so be prepared for that.

Lastly, the Amtrak Metropolitan Lounge at Moynihan Train Hall deserves a special mention. While not technically an airport lounge, this lounge offers a locally inspired design, impressive food and beverage offerings, and an open-air deck overlooking the train station. It’s a great place to relax before your train journey.

While airport lounges are often overcrowded, there are still some that are worth a visit. Whether it’s the stunning views, luxurious amenities, or delicious food and drink options, these lounges offer a unique experience that makes them worth arriving early for. So next time you’re at the airport, skip the crowded lounges and head straight to one of these nine lounges for a more enjoyable travel experience.

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