The power of the Amex trifecta: Platinum, Gold and Blue Business Plus

directly with the airline or with Amex Travel4 points per dollarDining at restaurants4 points per dollarU.S. supermarkets (on up to $25,000 in spending per calendar year, then 1 point per dollar)3 points per dollarFlights booked directly with the airline or on amextravel.com2 points per dollarFirst $50,000 in annual spending (per calendar year)1 point per dollarAfter $50,000 in annual spending (per calendar year)

When you combine the earning rates of these three cards, you have a powerful trio that covers a wide range of spending categories. The Amex Platinum offers the highest earning rate on flights, while the Amex Gold excels in dining and supermarket spending. The Blue Business Plus card is perfect for everyday non-bonus spending, earning a solid 2 points per dollar.

The welcome offers on these cards also add significant value to the trifecta. The Amex Platinum currently offers 80,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $8,000 in the first six months, while the Amex Gold offers 60,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $6,000 in the first six months. These welcome offers alone can be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars when redeemed for travel.

In addition to the earning rates and welcome offers, each card in the Amex trifecta comes with its own set of valuable perks. The Amex Platinum offers annual statement credits for airline incidental fees, Uber Cash, Saks Fifth Avenue purchases, prepaid hotel bookings, Clear Plus membership, digital entertainment, and Equinox membership. These credits can easily offset the $695 annual fee of the card.

The Amex Gold offers annual dining credits and Uber Cash, which can lower the out-of-pocket cost of the card to just $10 per year. It also provides bonus points on dining, supermarkets, and flights, making it a great card for everyday spending.

The Blue Business Plus card has no annual fee and earns a solid 2 points per dollar on the first $50,000 in annual spending. It also provides access to valuable Amex Offers, which can help you save money on purchases you were already planning to make.

Overall, the Amex trifecta offers a powerful combination of earning rates, welcome offers, and perks. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or an infrequent spender, these three cards can unlock serious value when used together. Just like the Chase trifecta, the Amex trifecta is a winning combination that can maximize your rewards and provide outsized value with a reasonable price tag.

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