United MileagePlus now lets you pool your miles with family and friends

United Airlines Loyalty Program Introduces MileagePlus Miles Pooling

United Airlines, one of the major U.S. airlines, has recently announced a new feature in its loyalty program that will make it easier for friends and family members to book award travel using MileagePlus miles. This new feature, called miles pooling, allows members of all ages to share and redeem miles in one account, making for a more streamlined and user-friendly loyalty experience.

In a press release, Luc Bondar, the chief operating officer of MileagePlus, stated, “We’re always looking for new ways to provide the most value to all of our loyalty members and are proud to be the first major U.S. airline to allow our members to pool their miles with their loved ones and friends. MileagePlus miles pooling further reinforces United’s position as the leader in family and group travel and gives our members more flexibility to use their miles while making it easier to connect to the destinations and moments that matter most, with the people that matter most.”

Key Takeaways of United MileagePlus Miles Pooling

The introduction of MileagePlus miles pooling by United Airlines has brought about several key takeaways that are beneficial for travelers, especially those looking to plan family trips. Here are some important points to note about this new feature:

1. No Age Restriction: There is no age restriction on members being able to sign up for a MileagePlus account and earn miles. This means that even children can earn miles, which can now be pooled and used for award travel.

2. Contribution of Miles: Members can now pool their miles in a joint account, allowing them to contribute their miles to cover the cost of award tickets for themselves and their family members. This feature is particularly useful for families with young children who may have earned miles but not enough to cover the cost of a ticket.

3. Pooling Rules: There are certain rules and restrictions to be aware of when it comes to United’s MileagePlus pooling. Members must be at least 18 years old to create a pool, and each pool can have up to five members, including the pool leader. Pooled miles can only be used for United-operated award flights and not for Star Alliance partner redemptions.

4. Flexibility: There is no limit on the number of miles that can be contributed to a pool, allowing members to choose how much they want to contribute. However, once miles are contributed to a pool, they cannot be taken out. Additionally, members have a 24-hour window to reverse a transaction if they change their mind.

5. Cooling Period: United has implemented a 90-day “cooling” period for members who exit a pool, limiting the ability to join another pool immediately. This is to prevent members from constantly hopping between pools.

6. Status and Points: Contributing miles to a pool account will not affect an individual’s Premier status. Only members traveling on a ticket using the pooled miles will earn Premier qualifying points.

Bottom Line

United’s MileagePlus miles pooling feature is a welcome addition to the loyalty program, providing more options and flexibility for members looking to plan group trips. While there are important stipulations to be aware of, such as the cooling period and the inability to reverse transactions after 24 hours, this new feature offers customers a user-friendly way to redeem their miles and cover the cost of award travel. Overall, this new venture by United Airlines is sure to increase the appeal of the MileagePlus program, especially for families and infrequent flyers looking to maximize their miles for group travel.

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