United unveils another new long-haul route for the summer

United Airlines is expanding its long-haul network once again with the addition of a new international route from its Chicago hub to Athens, Greece. The airline will offer daily nonstop flights to the Greek capital from May 23 to August 12. This new service will be operated by a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, featuring various seating options such as Polaris business-class lie-flat pods, Premium Plus recliners, Economy Plus seats, and standard economy seats.

United’s decision to add the Chicago-Athens route demonstrates its commitment to expanding its international network and meeting the demand for travel to popular European destinations. With this new addition, United will now connect Athens with three of its hubs, including Newark and Washington, D.C. This represents a 25% increase in the airline’s flying to Athens compared to the previous year.

United plans to resume its seasonal service from Newark to Athens earlier than usual, starting on March 30, followed by flights from Washington on April 24. This demonstrates United’s strategy to capture early bookings and cater to travelers who prefer to plan their trips in advance.

The addition of the Chicago-Athens route brings United’s total number of nonstop European destinations from its Chicago hub at O’Hare International Airport to 15. This provides travelers with a wide range of options when planning their European vacations.

American Airlines, United’s major competitor in Chicago, has had a monopoly on the Chicago-to-Athens route since 2019. However, with United entering the market, there will be increased competition, which may lead to adjustments in fares to attract passengers. It will be interesting to see how both airlines respond to this new competition and how it impacts pricing and service offerings.

This announcement marks the second new route that United has added since the initial release of its summer schedule. Previously, United unveiled its transatlantic network update, which included only one new destination and three new flights. However, the airline has since added a new route from San Francisco to Barcelona, set to launch on May 23. This demonstrates United’s confidence in the demand for transatlantic travel and its commitment to expanding its route network.

Patrick Quayle, United’s senior vice president of global network planning and alliances, expressed confidence in the airline’s offerings, stating that United is the clear choice for customers looking to travel to Europe this summer. With nonstop service to unique destinations and increased transatlantic flights, United aims to provide customers across the country with convenient and comprehensive travel options.

In conclusion, United Airlines’ addition of a new international route from its Chicago hub to Athens, Greece, is a significant expansion of its long-haul network. This move demonstrates United’s commitment to meeting the demand for European travel and providing customers with a wide range of destination options. With increased competition and the introduction of new routes, it will be interesting to see how fares and service offerings evolve in the transatlantic market. United’s continued focus on expanding its route network highlights its dedication to providing customers with convenient and comprehensive travel options.

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