Why you want to book a windowless ‘inside’ cabin on a cruise ship

I am a big fan of cabins with balconies on cruise ships. There’s nothing quite like being able to step onto a balcony and breathe in the fresh ocean air. However, that doesn’t mean I’m opposed to the idea of staying in a cabin without a balcony. In fact, at times, I’ll even book a cabin that doesn’t have a window ā€” or, as they’re known in the cruise world, an “inside” cabin.

If you’ve never been on a cruise before, you might not even know there’s such a thing as a cabin without a window. But there is, and they’re actually quite common. Many ships operated by major cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line have hundreds of windowless cabins. That may seem almost unthinkable to people who are used to staying at hotels on land, where there aren’t a lot of rooms without windows. But accommodations on cruise ships have their own set of quirks.

The lack of a window isn’t the only reason to dismiss the idea of staying in an inside cabin. Inside cabins are often the smallest cabins on any cruise ship and can be downright tiny. This can be a big turnoff for some cruisers. However, there are advantages to inside cabins as well. They are often significantly less expensive than ocean-view cabins and offer a “less is more” minimalism that can appeal to a keep-it-simple crowd.

For me, there are times when a cabin that’s inexpensive and modest in size is just fine, even if it doesn’t have a view. After all, I’m not taking cruises to spend a lot of time in a cabin. I get on ships to enjoy all they have to offer in their public spaces and to explore the wonderful places they sail to. In that context, does it really matter if the room where I’ll sleep each night is big and fancy?

To steal a line from Arthur Frommer, the legendary guidebook author and founder, “Most of the time you’re in your room on vacation, your eyes are closed.” Frommer said that to me years ago during an interview about his favorite hotel rooms. He thought spending huge sums on fancy accommodations was a waste. His words stuck with me over the years, and now, I see their wisdom.

Here are six reasons why you might want to seriously consider the least expensive inside cabins on any cruise ship:

1. You’ll save money: Inside cabins can be an incredible deal. They are often significantly cheaper than balcony cabins. You can get the same onboard experience as someone who pays far more for a snazzy cabin but at a fraction of the price.

2. You’ll sleep like a baby: Inside cabins are pitch black once you turn off the lights. This can be pure bliss for someone who has trouble sleeping with any kind of light disruption. You won’t have to worry about the morning sun or moonlight sneaking through your curtains to wake you prematurely.

3. You’ll spend more time enjoying the ship: With a small, windowless room, you’ll be motivated to get out and explore the ship. The trick to having a blast on a cruise ship is to dive right into everything it has to offer. Instead of staying in your room, you’ll be more inclined to play on the ship’s top decks, try out different restaurants and bars, and enjoy the onboard entertainment.

4. You might get less seasick: Inside cabins can be more stable in rough seas as they are closer to the center of the ship. If you’re worried about getting seasick, staying in an inside cabin could be a good option.

5. If you’re solo, you might avoid extra fees: Solo travelers generally have to pay an extra fee to stay in a cabin alone. However, some ships have special inside cabins specifically designed for solo travelers, allowing them to avoid the extra solo traveler fee.

6. You’ll appreciate the simplicity: Inside cabins offer a minimalistic experience. They provide a small, cozy space to rest your head at night without any unnecessary frills. If you prefer a keep-it-simple approach to accommodations, an inside cabin can be just what you need.

In conclusion, while cabins with balconies are certainly appealing, there are several reasons why staying in an inside cabin can be a great option. From saving money to enjoying a peaceful night’s sleep, inside cabins offer their own unique advantages. So, don’t dismiss the idea of booking an inside cabin on your next cruise. You might just discover a new way to experience the joys of cruising.

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