Win 1 million Avios with British Airways and Uber

British Airways and Uber have joined forces to offer an exciting giveaway that could potentially turn four lucky winners into Avios millionaires. This partnership between two major companies has created a buzz among travelers, especially those based in the U.K. who are members of the British Airways Executive Club and Uber accounts.

The giveaway, which is set to run for a limited time, offers participants the chance to win 1 million Avios, a currency that can be used for various travel-related expenses such as flights, hotels, car rentals, and more. This generous prize could open up a world of opportunities for the winners, allowing them to travel extensively without worrying about the costs.

To be eligible for the giveaway, participants must meet certain criteria set by British Airways and Uber. Firstly, they must be based in the U.K. and have active accounts with both companies. Additionally, participants need to ensure that their British Airways Executive Club and Uber accounts are linked to each other. This linking process is crucial as it allows for seamless integration of the two accounts, making it easier for participants to earn and redeem Avios.

Once the accounts are linked, participants simply need to take an Uber ride in the U.K. between specific dates to automatically be entered into the prize drawing. Participants can also earn an additional entry by booking train travel through the Uber app, increasing their chances of winning the coveted prize. Winners will be selected on a weekly basis throughout the competition period, with each winner receiving 1 million Avios.

The 1 million Avios prize is a substantial amount that can be used in a variety of ways. For example, winners could choose to fly with four friends from London to the U.S. in Club World for a minimal fee. Alternatively, they could opt for short-haul redemptions, allowing them to book multiple economy round-trip flights within Europe at a fraction of the usual cost.

To participate in the giveaway, participants must follow a few simple steps to link their British Airways Executive Club and Uber accounts. This can be done through the settings section of the Uber app, where participants will be prompted to add their Executive Club number and follow the instructions to complete the linking process. Once the accounts are linked, participants will start earning 1 Avios for every eligible pound spent on Uber rides and coach or rail fares.

Overall, the British Airways and Uber giveaway presents a unique opportunity for travelers to win a substantial amount of Avios and enhance their travel experiences. The partnership between these two companies highlights their commitment to providing value to their customers and creating memorable experiences for travelers. With the competition running for a limited time, participants are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity and enter for a chance to become an Avios millionaire.

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